Fauci, Chuck Todd Weave Fantasy About 'Delta' Variant and Vaccinated Americans

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Dr. Anthony Fauci never seems to tire of ramping up COVID hysteria among the American people. And he wasn’t about to let a little thing like the Independence Day weekend slow him down, with an appearance on NBC News’ “Meet The Press” which aired this morning.


Just under two weeks ago, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky called him out on it. As my colleague Brandon Morse wrote about a new interview Paul did with Dan Bongino:

Paul’s been looking at the numbers, and while bureaucrats like Dr. Anthony Fauci keep pushing the vaccine on everyone, including children (which is wildly unnecessary), Paul has some very good news.

According to the data, we’ve reached herd immunity, and COVID-19 is effectively over.

I encourage you to explore the science Paul shared by reading Brandon’s piece in full.

Anyway, so, the very next day, Tuesday, June 22, during a White House briefing, NPR reported that:

….Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health said 20.6% of new cases in the U.S. are due to the Delta variant. And other scientists tracking the variant say it is on track to become the dominant virus variant in the U.S.

“The Delta variant is currently the greatest threat in the U.S. to our attempt to eliminate COVID-19,” Fauci said. He noted that the proportion of infections being caused by the variant is doubling every two weeks.

NPR wrote that, after bemoaning “the rising threat posed by the Delta variant makes it more urgent than ever that more people roll up their sleeves to get vaccinated, especially given how close the country is to finally getting back to normal,” the good doctor said,

“We have the tools so let’s use them and crush the outbreak.”


Notice that phrasing: “tools.” It’ll be important later.

But, Fauci’s convoy of media appearances, much like those of many other COVID talking heads, like GOP darling Scott Gottlieb, as Bonchie wrote on this morning, rolls on and on.

Late last month, during a stop at CNN, Fauci implied that places with a high rate of unvaccinated citizens will be hardest hit. And he used a phrase that should give every American pause.
(emphasis mine)

Dr. Anthony Fauci on the Delta variant: “If you are not vaccinated you are at considerable risk …”

“…What you are gonna see among under-vaccinated regions … you’re gonna see these individual types of blips. It’s almost like it’s going to be two Americas.

Back to this Sunday. Dr. Fauci visited his old pal Chuck Todd, who was more than happy to help him weave a fantasy about fully-vaccinated people catching  — and spreading — the scary, new variant.

After serving a heaping bowl of word salad about “asymptomatic spread,” Todd asks Fauci:


Can a fully vaccinated person be an asymptomatic spreader of the virus and, more importantly, this variant?

Fauci begins with what sounds like a definite yes.

The answer is you’d have to say yes. I mean, if you’re looking at studies that are being done, we will get the answer to that because we are looking at situations where you have vaccinated people who have breakthrough infections. Namely they’re infected despite the fact that they’ve been vaccinated. Most of these people will be without symptoms.

He then admits that, since vaccinated individuals appeared to have a low level of the virus in those studies, a “breakthrough infection [would be] unlikely.”

But, as he’s done before, “Tony” Fauci treats the audience like they’re idiots who don’t know how vaccines work — none are 100 percent effective. He informs us: “But it’s not going to be zero because whenever you have biological phenomena there’s always a range.”

In the end, he completely contradicts himself. I know you’re shocked. He said, “But for the most part, [asymptomatic spread] would be less likely.”

The fear-mongering and fantasy continued, though. Here, again with Todd feeding him an example of “Biloxi, Mississippi,” Fauci advises fully-vaccinated Americans to mask up when going to a state that dropped its executive-imposed mask mandate in March:


There’s just one problem. In a piece published by NPR last week, entitled, “Do I Need to Worry About the Delta Variant If I’m Vaccinated?” researchers, other scientists, and even the World Health Organization say that possibility is pretty unlikely. They wrote:

The COVID-19 vaccines are expected to be protective against the new virus variants, according to the World Health Organization.

And those variant (there are several: alpha, delta, but there’s also delta plus) are likely covered by all, current vaccines against the original virus. Here’s the data from the article about the three vaccines in use in the U.S: (emphasis added)

As for the vaccines, one study of the delta variant in Scotland from the University of Edinburgh found that while the variant was associated with a doubling in the risk of hospitalization in those infected in the region, the Pfizer …. vaccine offered a …. 60% protection…. against infection two weeks after the second dose. And a study from Public Health England showed that two doses of the Pfizer vaccine were 88% effective against symptomatic disease from the delta variant.

As for other vaccines, David Montefiori, director of the Laboratory for AIDS Vaccine Research and Development at Duke University Medical Center, is optimistic. Based on research he has conducted that has not yet been published, including the Moderna vaccine, he says that “delta does not look like it will be much of a threat to vaccines.”

Weatherhead has this to say about Johnson & Johnson’s effectiveness for the delta variant: “We just don’t have the data, but that doesn’t mean it’s not efficacious. We know it works against [other variants]. We’re going to have breakthrough infections, but the vaccines really prevent severe disease and death.”


Dr. Fauci and his friends on the Left insist on instilling fear in as many Americans as they can at every opportunity and that there are “two Americas.” Yet, they accuse those of us on the Right and that awful orange man of dividing the country. How about we do what they keep telling us to and follow the science?


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