Rand Paul Points Out that COVID Is Essentially Over, Slams Fauci Over Not Following the Science

When the people tasked with giving us scientific facts and data only concern themselves with offering up political jargon to fulfill political agendas, society becomes confused and unsure about what direction it needs to go. Faith in these institutions plummets to nothing, and these scientists tasked with helping the people only do more harm.


Luckily, the people have Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

Paul has been the voice of reason throughout the ordeal with COVID-19. Even when he was going against the scientists in charge or even mainstream thought, he was always doing so based on the hard facts. It’s through his research and study that we’ve been able to see past the curtain these agenda-driven “scientists” have put up in front of us.

Paul’s been looking at the numbers, and while bureaucrats like Dr. Anthony Fauci keep pushing the vaccine on everyone, including children (which is wildly unnecessary), Paul has some very good news.

According to the data, we’ve reached herd immunity, and COVID-19 is effectively over.

Speaking to Dan Bongino on Fox News, Paul spoke on many things concerning the virus, including backing up former CDC Director Robert Redfield’s testimony that it’s highly likely that COVID-19 was created in a lab.

“When you look at COVID-19, it doesn’t even seem to infect bats very well,” said Paul. “It doesn’t infect an intermediate animal. They checked 80,000 animals at the wet markets in Wuhan. None of the animals at the wet market would accept COVID-19 or were positive for it. But it looks like it’s most well-adapted for humans. So this is worrisome, and yet more evidence that this, in all likelihood, came from the lab.”


“This may be the biggest scientific error that Dr. Fauci has made so far and continues to make,” said Paul. “He’s completely discounting natural immunity – the immunity you get after you’ve had an infection. All of the scientific studies, and I emphasize that ‘all,’ hundreds of studies now show that you do have immunity.”

“But if you discount that and you don’t count it, then Dr. Fauci says, ‘Oh no, we don’t have enough people vaccinated, we’re not at herd immunity.’ Now we have to have mandates on the children, and we must force children of all ages to have the vaccine even though they don’t get sick from COVID very often and they almost never die from it. He wants to force the vaccine on them because he makes a scientific error and doesn’t count natural immunity,” Paul continued.

Paul noted that over 100 million people have had COVID and that around 200 million people have gotten vaccinated, equating to nearly our entire population in America.

“It’s enough people to reach herd immunity,” said Paul. “And every day, if you look at the daily statistics, the daily incidents have gone down to nearly nothing, deaths are going to zero.”


“We are over this,” said Paul. “We are at herd immunity, and so I don’t think there’s any reason to be forcing our children to be vaccinated, but it all comes from Dr. Fauci ignoring the science that you get natural immunity after you’ve had an infection.”


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