Adam Schiff Crony and Anti-Israel Activist Chosen for Senior Role On National Security Council

Adam Schiff Crony and Anti-Israel Activist Chosen for Senior Role On National Security Council
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A little earlier today, my colleague Mike Miller posted on the Biden regime beginning the process of unraveling the unparalleled advances that have been made in achieving lasting peace and stability in the Middle East, see Obama 2.0 Continues: Biden Administration Announces Restoration of Relations With Palestinians — and Then Some.

This is not a huge surprise. Biden’s initial actions were calculated to ensure that the US economy is forever (or at least until someone sane regains the White House) crippled by the left’s religious vision of “green jobs” and thereby destroy the huge improvement everyday Americans experienced in their lives over the last four years. It stands to reason that he will likewise attempt to destroy the progress President Trump made in creating an Israel-Arab bloc to opposed Iranian expansionism. Because People=Policy, we can see that eventuality shaping up right now.

U.S. President Joe Biden has appointed Palestinian American Maher Bitar to the role of senior director for intelligence programs at the National Security Council, according to a report in the political journalism site Politico.

Bitar served in the National Security Council under former President Barack Obama, as director for Israeli and Palestinian affairs.

He earned his master’s degree at Oxford University, writing his dissertation on forced migration at the school’s Refugee Studies Center. He has worked with the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees in Jerusalem.

Since 2017, Bitar served as general counsel for Democratic members of the House Intelligence Committee. As top legal adviser for Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), he was deeply involved in the first impeachment of former President Donald Trump.

Bitar is probably one of the worst people in Washington, DC, who is not on a terrorist watch list to have a position critical to the future of Middle East peace and restraining Iranian aggression. His work for Adam Schiff, both in covering up the grotesque abuses of the Intelligence Community in their vendetta against President Trump and in the coup-attempt-cum-impeachment-farce last year (not to be confused with the one going on this year), indicates rabid partisanship and an absence of any respect for the law or sense of morality. Schiff was behind numerous leaks of classified information to push the Russia Hoax, the most famous one being his virtual live-blogging of the testimony given by Donald Trump, Jr., and Bitar was either a willing coconspirator or a witless dupe or a bit of both.

Historically, the senior director of intelligence programs’ position has been someone with experience in the Intelligence Community. Bitar has none. He does, however, have some experience with terrorism. He worked for a UN organization that was basically a terrorist front organization (but I repeat myself). He has worked in the UN Relief Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees, aka UNRWA, which is most famous for running a school system that indoctrinated Palestinian kids in anti-Semitism (see my post How the United States funds UN-sponsored Palestinian terrorism, but non-profit advocacy group called UN Watch compiled information on the activities of UNRWA employees who are actively inciting violence and terrorism inside Israel. Both reports have to be read to be believed (here | here). Just a reminder, in 2015, the UN Secretary-General suspended 22 employees of that agency for personally inciting murder. The role of the UNRWA in fomenting violence and murder is the primary reason that the Trump administration stopped funding it (see Trump Administration Guts Funding For UN Palestinian Agency.

Bitar’s infatuation with things terroristic and anti-Semitic is not new.

“Why Is Georgetown Providing a Platform for This Dangerous Group?” an op-ed in the Washington Post had asked.

The group was the Palestine Solidarity Movement, a BDS anti-Israel hate group whose conferences had a history of antisemitism, supporting Hamas and the murder of Jews.

Maher Bitar, one of the executive board members of Students for Justice in Palestine, was one of the principal organizers of the 2006 conference which was being hosted by Georgetown University’s SJP hate group. A photo appears to show him dancing in a keffiyah in front of a banner reading, “Divest from Israel Apartheid”.

Despite protests from Jewish groups, the Georgetown BDS conference went ahead

This is the image of him, on the far left (oddly enough), dancing his “death to Israel” dance.

CREDIT: 2006 Georgetown University yearbook, page 115


So the guy in charge of intelligence for the National Security Council is someone who a) has never worked in the Intelligence Community, b) who is worked for a UN organization actively involved in fomenting violence against Israel, and c) who was actively involved in an anti-Israel and anti-Semitic organization in college. This is the guy who is supposed to keep the Middle East peace progress on track and build closer ties between Israel and the Arab world. What could ever go wrong?

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