US Senate Confirms 'Historic' Interior Sec. — Dems Should Be Ridiculed, and We Have Receipts

US Senate Confirms 'Historic' Interior Sec. — Dems Should Be Ridiculed, and We Have Receipts
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To paraphrase a well-known jab at our friends on the Left, Joe Biden’s cabinet is starting to look more and more like it’s gone woke and America is set to go broke in the process. As readers know, the progressive left is already bankrupt… of decent ideas on how to make our nation more prosperous, and our citizens and borders more safe and secure.

But this new Biden pick — now officially confirmed by the U.S. Senate as the Department of the Interior secretary — really takes the cake.

The jubilation kicked off Monday evening, with this announcement by an MSNBC senior producer.

Of course, you had to expect certain politicians to be jubilant over the first-ever Native American to be confirmed as a White House cabinet secretary. Gotta get in those brownie points from their woke constituencies, right?

Former, losing Democrat presidential candidate Julian Castro, naturally, had to virtue-signal:

Mega-prog Raul Grijalva, everybody:

DiFi even got in her two cents:

In a December interview by Haaland with leftist rag The Guardian, it was obvious they got the narrative in advance — it’s right in the first line: “Debra Haaland is making American history.”

In an interview days before her nomination, Haaland told the Guardian that as secretary of the interior she would “move climate change priorities, tribal consultation and a green economic recovery forward”.

Here, the British publication prattles on about what the Left thinks — erroneously — on this topic:

Indigenous communities in the US, and globally, are disproportionately vulnerable to the impact of the climate crisis such as rising sea levels and droughts, and environmental hazards resulting from polluting industries. As secretary of the interior, Haaland will play a key role in undoing Trump’s rollbacks and will also be a key lieutenant in Biden’s new climate team.

And here’s one of Haaland’s and the Biden administration’s priorities to “help” Americans, after so much of the economy was restrained by Democrat governors across the nation and Biden/Harris have already signaled that the industries that involve fossil fuels are again under attack.

Earlier this year, Haaland sponsored a bill that would set a national goal of protecting 30% of US lands and oceans by 2030 – a plan since adopted by the Biden administration as a priority for his environmental agenda.

And why is that agenda so very important, according to Haaland?

“So many Native Americans joined the Black Lives Matter protests because Indian Country recognised that we are allies in the fight for environmental justice, economic justice and racial justice … These communities on the frontline deserve to have the resources to be able to lift themselves up,” Haaland said.

Really? Can anyone on the progressive left take a breath without connecting everything government-related to climate change and the so-called ‘green economy’ and Marxist organizations — or all three? Guess not.

Now, it behooves me to point out that RedState has been warning Americans, especially red-state Americans, for years about this woman’s idiotic and sometimes dangerous views. Here is just a sampling of the receipts on Deb Haaland:

In early 2019, Sister Toldjah spilled the beans on Haaland giving Senator Fauxcahontas “permission” to call herself Native American:

“Freshman Rep. Deb Haaland (NM) was interviewed Monday by CNN and during the course of the interview Haaland gave Warren permission to “identify” as a Native American.”

And we warned you during the 2020 primary that Warren was on the warpath to get a “woke” cabinet, if she ever were to become president. It wouldn’t surprise me if Warren were one of the main backers of Haaland’s nomination.

Also back in 2019, Brandon Morse wrote about then-freshman House member defending Antifa and their “peaceful protests” — because Orange Man Bad. [facepalm]

His piece is worth quoting at length (and read the whole thing):

Haaland began with the typical “orange man white supremacist who incites violence” narrative you hear on repeat lately. This lead into Haaland calling Portland a “progressive city” and that it’s no surprise that Trump would side against the ‘peaceful protesters working to safeguard their city from domestic terrorism.


Let me break this down. A major media organization just brought on an elected Democrat official who proceeded to call the President a white supremacist and label the group physically attacking people with deadly weapons ‘peaceful protesters’ who are trying to protect a city.

This is not a serious person.

In January, Seton Motley warned specifically about Haaland’s nomination, quoting Politico on Nancy Pelosi’s praise — even before her nom.

Even before her selection, Haaland was drawing broad support from environmental groups, indigenous peoples’ advocates and members of Congress, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who released a statement on Wednesday saying “Haaland knows the territory, and if she is the President-elect’s choice for Interior Secretary, then he will have made an excellent choice.”

One last thing… I’ve got to ask… Hey, Secretary Haaland: what’s the deal with the gross decoration on this face bag?

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