Whoops: Kamala Harris Makes a Huge Gaffe When Trying to Sell West Virginians On Losing Coal Jobs

Whoops: Kamala Harris Makes a Huge Gaffe When Trying to Sell West Virginians On Losing Coal Jobs
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We reported on how Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) was disturbed that Kamala Harris came into his backyard to speak about “Covid relief” but didn’t let him know.

The Biden people are pitching a $1400 check (which is down from the $2000 check they previously promised, as we reported, their first lie/broken campaign promise). Manchin wants the relief more targeted to those who actually need it.

But what also disturbed him was doubtless what she actually said about another subject which would make Manchin’s life and his position just a little harder in West Virginia.

Harris basically told workers in the coal industry to “learn to code.” But she said it in a way that makes it clear she’s part of the Biden team: she either read the teleprompter wrong or had no idea what the heck she was saying.

She talks about “job creation” but offers no actual process to do that, unlike President Donald Trump, whose lower taxes, reform of regulation and support of American energy independence helped to empower businesses and create jobs.

But listen to what she says about reclaiming those mine lands that would be left unworked. Or rather, should we say “reclaiming those abandoned land mines.”

“All of those skilled workers who are in the coal industry and transferring those skills to what we need to do in terms of dealing with reclaiming abandoned land mines,” she said, not realizing what she even said and not correcting it.

Whoops. How embarrassing is this, especially in West Virginia? Freudian slip, that the Biden time is going to be full of gaffes and “land mines” like this? Why would you send Harris there anyway? What does she think the people in West Virginia think if she can’t even get that mining and land mines aren’t the same thing? So not only did she fail on her effort to step on Joe Manchin, but she put a foot in her mouth as well. But her aptitude at understanding isn’t exactly how she got ahead.

Her take is just like that of John Kerry, empty and poor words while killing their jobs. These politicians haven’t had jobs outside of politics for years and have no idea that you can’t just switch jobs like that after a lifetime of building particular skills to another completely different job with different skills.

Her mistake did not go unnoticed, even from the liberal media.

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