CNN and Democrats Run Defense for Antifa Again, Label the Attackers "Peaceful" Despite Clear Evidence

SCREENSHOT: YouTube Uploaded by Brandon

“The most trusted name in news” is back to make you wonder whether or not we should send them screenshots containing the definitions of “trusted” and “news.” The consistent bronze medal finisher of cable news, CNN, seems to think that the violent group “Antifa” is worthy of defense yet again.


As both my colleague Alex Parker and I have written about previously, Antifa showed up in force to oppose Trump supporters at a Portland event over the weekend. Weapons were used by Antifa, including chunks of concrete, hammers, and more, to physically attack those they considered to be their opponents. One man was beaten viciously and mocked while his wife attempted to protect him.

The evidence is undeniable. Antifa is a violent group that will gather together hordes of people in order to attack and intimidate those that disagree with them in any capacity.

But to CNN and elected Democrat officials, they are the good guys.

Democratic New Mexico Rep. Deb Haaland appeared on the news network to discuss Antifa in Portland. After briefly discussing a tweet by Trump saying that there is “major consideration” for calling Antifa a terrorist organization and that Portland is being watched closely.

The CNN hostess first said that there is no government agency capable of designating a group as a domestic terrorist organization. This is mostly true, as there is no official list of domestic terrorist organizations, though some government bodies may label certain groups as such. The Obama administration’s DHS suggestively labeled Tea Partiers as potential domestic terrorists at one time.


Haaland was asked to give a reaction to the tweet, and what followed was one of the most nonsensical defenses of a violent group I’ve ever seen.

Haaland began with the typical “orange man white supremacist who incites violence” narrative you hear on repeat lately. This lead into Haaland calling Portland a “progressive city” and that it’s no surprise that Trump would side against the “peaceful protesters working to safeguard their city from domestic terrorism.”

And with that, the interview was quickly over.

Let me break this down. A major media organization just brought on an elected Democrat official who proceeded to call the President a white supremacist and label the group physically attacking people with deadly weapons “peaceful protesters” who are trying to protect a city.

This is absolute lunacy and proof that the left has gone far off the deep end and right into delusion. Trump is not a white supremacist and he’s proven that repeatedly. Antifa is not a peaceful group, and they have proven that repeatedly. Yet here is the established left attempting to paint the entire situation as if they’re angels fighting a great evil.

If you were to strip away the chyrons and cameras and change the expensive outfits to regular street clothes, you would think these women were absolutely insane and not worth listening to. However, because they have a platform supported by millions of dollars, they are going to be taken seriously.


Because of this, the left will only fall deeper into delusion and Antifa will only grow in power and become more dangerous. This is absolutely irresponsible and a very real threat to our society. There’s fake news, and then there’s fake news that foments very real violence.

CNN and the Democrats are engaging in the latter.


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