Say WHAT? Michigan TV Station Makes Risqué Suggestion for 'Fall Back' Tonight


It’s a perennial topic for most media outlets right around this time of year: informing readers and viewers when exactly Americans need to move their clocks back one hour, as Daylight Savings Time goes into hibernation for another year.

Michigan TV station WNEW-TV5, which “is a dual CBS/MyNetworkTV-affiliated television station licensed to Bay City, Michigan, United States and serving the Flint/Tri-Cities television market,” according to its website, tried to do just that tonight…except they ended up accidentally throwing out a somewhat risqué suggestion instead.

My colleague Thomas LaDuke happened to be watching the TeeVee Saturday evening, as he is wont to say, when he saw one of those announcements about “turning your clocks back” — except that’s not what he saw splashed across the screen.

Duke wrote:

Well…..@WNEMTV5news has a different take for Daylight Savings Time ending.

In one of those instances when you can just imagine a TV producer somewhere cringing, the message accidentally read:

“Turn your c***s BACK one hour tonight”

Duke’s tweet also made a rather tongue-in-cheek query to his Michigan-bred cousin, Fingers Malloy:

“You grew up in Saginaw…. Why is this a secret?”

I don’t know about you, but things like this provide a much-needed bit of frivolity in a time of so much serious business.

Fun fact you might not know about DST: two, U.S. states don’t observe the “Spring Forward”/”Fall Back” ritual. One happens to be my state, Arizona. The other? Hawaii.


H/T: Thomas LaDuke