New US Citizen Thanks Pres. Trump for His Action on COVID; His Response to Her Was Perfect

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President Donald Trump speaks during a news conference at the White House in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 10, 2020. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump took part in a town hall event produced by ABC News’ “20/20” program called “The President and the People,” which featured undecided voters from across the commonwealth of Pennsylvania asking the president questions.


Towards the end of the 90-minute special, a young woman rose from the audience to ask her question — and the way Pres. Trump answered her destroys any narrative the Left could conjure that calls him uncaring or a racist.

Host George Stephanopoulos introduced her this way: The next one comes Flora [sic] Cruceta. She’s from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She has not voted before because she just became a citizen.” Before Flor could begin, Pres. Trump praised her becoming a citizen, with “Oh, very good.”

But several times while asking her question, Flor was forced to stop speaking — because she was sobbing so hard.

She started, “Thank you so much. Hi, Mr. President and Mr. George. My name is Flora [sic] Cruceta . I’m sorry if I can’t hold my…hold my tears…” She began to sob here.

A second time, the President noted her new citizenship, “I love…I love what you just did.”

She continued, “I came in 2006 with my mom from Dominican Republic…sorry.” Her sobbing became heavier at the mention of her mother.

Pres. Trump’s response was heartfelt and compassionate. “That’s all right. And just take your time, that’s fine.” He turned towards Stephanopoulos, “George has plenty of time, I hope, right?” The host agreed that he did. The President then asked Flor if she said her mom had had COVID, but gets no response.


She continued:

“We come from Dominican Republic in 2006 to live our American dream. But she forgot how to take care of herself and she died last month..I’m sorry.”

She sobbed and wiped away tears, before apologizing. The President, visibly moved, replied: “Terrible. And that’s OK. It’s OK.”

She then got back to her mother’s story:

 “She had breast cancer but it made metastases on her brain, bone, and lungs and she passed on the 19th. One of her biggest dreams was to become a citizen to vote, and she did. She did, 10 days before she died. And I did it too. She pushed me so hard to do it and I did it this past 28th.

I’m here because of her. She was supposed to be here and ask you and thank you for this — if they should take — during this epidemic, you made people closer. We lost our jobs but we learned how to love our family. So I’m saying that from her.”

Pres. Trump briefly acknowledge her mom’s message.

She went on to ask the question her mother was supposed to ask:

“Her question for you was — because she write this question — what will you do for our immigration system? What will you change to make more people, like me and like her, to become citizens and vote?”


I’ll just touch on a few parts of his answer, but you can watch the full answer in the video.

Pres. Trump said, in part:

“So we are doing something with immigration that I think is going to be very strong because we want people to come into our country, people like you and like your mother.


[W]e want people to come into our country. We want them to come in — a lot of people but we want them to come in through a legal system. Through a system that — they love our country. They work to come into our country.”

Even in the middle of an answer to a policy question, though, a man who’s been vilified by the mainstream media as a bigot and cold-hearted continued to comfort the grieving daughter:

“I mean as far as your situation with your mother, that is just devastating because I can imagine how you feel and it sounds like a great woman….

She gave us a great daughter, a great child, what she’s done with you, the way you are. The love that you have for your mother, I can see that, it’s hard.”

A brief note about the video below: ABC News politics reporter Meg Cunningham wrote in a tweet that she spoke on the phone with Flor after the event and confirmed that Flor’s mother passed away from breast cancer, not COVID-19. If I’d been asked to field the same question Pres. Trump was, I’m sure I would have made the same, honest mistake. Flor did bring up the Chinese virus, and her sobbing made the question difficult to understand.


You can watch the full interaction between Flora and Pres. Trump in the video below:


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