Opinion: Trump Sends China a Loud Message at RNC

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Chinese civil rights activist Chen Guangcheng, who was blind from an early age, reads braille and speaks during night 3 of the Republican National Convention. (Screenshot via C-SPAN)


Someone is listening.

It may end up as one of the least talked-about messages from the 2020 Republican National Convention (RNC) — the nationally-broadcast event meant to showcase what the party in the White House finds most important as it sells the American people on a second term for President Trump — but it’s no less significant. Because it was a message meant for China from the president himself.

Back in July I told you about the comfy-cozy business relationship between multinational companies like Nike and Apple with the Communist Chinese regime that amounts to cheap, slave labor for those corporations. My hope was that the Trump administration would hear those voices crying out from the Middle Kingdom — voices which include Uighurs, a Muslim ethnic minority forced by the Chinese government to have abortions and undergo sterilization procedures. And it seems Pres. Trump has heard them.

One sign of that was a name on the list of speakers for Wednesday’s RNC, someone whose voice the CCP doesn’t want you to hear — ever. His name is Chen Guangcheng. Townhall gave some additional info on him in its article about the important speech, and shared quotes from it:

During the third night of the 2020 RNC convention, Chinese dississent and civil rights attorney Chen Guangcheng, who has been blind since childhood, conducted his speech by reading braille and speaking in his second language. He warned about the evils of the Chinese Communist Party [CCP] after experiencing their tyranny firsthand.



“The coronavirus pandemic, originating in China—and covered up by the CCP—has caused mass death and social upheaval around the world. In the same way, the virus of the CCP is threatening the people of the world.  The policy of appeasement of former administrations—including Obama and Biden—has allowed the CCP to infiltrate and corrode different aspects of the global community,” he said.

Here’s a C-Span clip from the dissident’s RNC speech, via the Washington Free Beacon:

Chen’s speech comes on the heels of news Wednesday that the administration took additional punitive actions against the CCP this week, including banning 24 Chinese companies that have helped China build the artificial islands which its military uses. These follow measures I reported on in the July article, which punished the government for its maltreatment of the Uighurs.

My colleague Brandon Morse recently wrote about the Joe Biden-China connection — it’s no secret that pulling the lever for the Democrat Party’s candidate on the ballot would be a vote to hand over our country to that dictatorship’s whims.

To tie this into the NBA players’ boycott debacle last night, just hours before the prime time portion of the Night Three’s convention started, Jim Geraghty of National Review mentioned in his Thursday morning piece an “unintentionally hilarious” Slate interview between one of their writers, Josh Levin, and Athletic sportswriter Ethan Strauss.


He wrote, in part:

Strauss observed that the NBA’s television ratings have declined by almost half since 2011-2012 and suggested that the league’s high-profile relationship with the Chinese government, as well as the players’ increasingly outspoken views on politics and society — may be factors.”

Adding that: “Slate’s Levin simply cannot comprehend how that could possibly be the case.” Seems like a typical member of the media.

As you may have heard, the players decided on Thursday to return to tournament play. But it’s not known why. Has racism been eliminated? Or for that matter, the league’s troubling financial ties to the CCP?

The answer to both questions is: No.

You can watch the full video of Chen Guangcheng’s speech below, via Fox News:

What did you think about how Pres. Trump is dealing with the CCP? Leave your thoughts in the comment area below!


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