Herschel Walker Destroys the Left's 'Racist' Tag on Trump; Alyssa Milano Weighed In

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FILE – In this March 8, 1984, file photo, New Jersey Generals owner Donald Trump, left, shakes hands with Herschel Walker in New York after Walker agreed to a 4-year contract with the USFL football team. A spring football league, done the right way, could work. The United States Football League came up with the most feasible concept back in the 1980s, only to crumble after just three seasons. (AP Photo/Dave Pickoff, File)


Herschel Walker hasn’t exactly stood on the sidelines in recent years when it comes to presidential politics.

The former NFL running back and two-time Pro Bowler spoke up during the 2020 Democratic National Convention (DNC) last week, like in this tweet he wrote at its conclusion late Thursday:

“Wow Democratic Convention, you’re playing the race card way too much tonight! You all have been in office for years and have done nothing for African Americans. Every four years you do this for a vote. And the violence and death in our communities, yet you say nothing?”

And as you may know, Walker spoke about his enduring friendship with Donald Trump at the Republicans’ convention Monday night.

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Herschel Walker Explains His Trump Support


The Sporting News provided the receipts, as the kids say, for Walker’s longtime support for now-President Trump, with this March 2016 tweet:

The former Georgia Bulldog, who earned the Heisman Trophy for his excellence on the field, began his three-minute-long speech at the RNC by erasing any misconceptions about why he was speaking up for the President:


“Most of you know me as a football player. But I’m also a father, a man of faith, and a very good judge of character. I’ve known Donald Trump for 37 years. And I don’t just mean [I] casually ran into him from time to time. I’m talking about a deep, personal friendship.”

Much like Trump, Walker also showed he has no problem making jokes about himself.  One quote on Trump’s brusque style was especially good:

“He works night and day. He never stops. He leaves nothing on the field.

Some people don’t like his style — the way that he knocks down obstacles that get in the way of his goals.

People on the opposing team didn’t like when I ran over them either.”

He then used a reference to athletes who have chosen to kneel during the national anthem to praise the President on social justice:

“Just because someone loves and respects the flag, our National Anthem and our country, doesn’t mean they don’t care about social justice. I care about all of those things. So does Donald Trump.”

Alyssa Milano had a problem with that part, apparently. It’s surprising the actress and nutso SJW has the energy to clapback at anyone; Surely, she’s still nursing that burn from Rose McGowan’s brutal takedown during the finale of the DNC.

Read my colleague Mike Miller’s “In Lighter News, Rose McGowan & Alyssa Milano Duke It Out in Political Twitter Spat — Then It REALLY Gets Nasty” for details.


Regardless, the actress managed to whine her way through this tweet (which she later deleted):

As a sports fan I’m so sad to see @HerschelWalker say that Trump is a champion of social justice.

#TrumpChaos #LiarInChief #RNCConvention

And it was hard to miss the disgusting, racial attacks on social media, which many Black conservatives have to put up with:

To show this wasn’t just some book club trending, there was this screenshot:

But the speech earned Walker kudos from many other people, including one notable Republican:

And National Review’s Jim Geraghty kept it light:

But one particular fan’s praise for Walker’s speech gave me chills…

His own son’s:

My dad Herschel Walker, a southern black man from Georgia, is the greatest testament to President Trump’s character and to the fact that he is the furthest thing from a racist. BEST SPEAKER OF THE NIGHT


When your kids speak up for you like that, that’s how you know you raised them right!

You can watch Walker’s full remarks below, via WXIA-TV:

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