Great White Shark Kills Woman in Maine — Now, Twitter Is Worried About Its Fate

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This undated image released by Discovery Channel shows a great white shark. The channel’s annual Shark Week will include requests to support Oceana, an advocacy group focused on ocean conservation. Shark Week’s opening lineup Sunday includes “Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White,” with Olympian Michael Phelps testing his speed against that of a great white shark. (Discovery Channel via AP)


One of Thursday’s top, “weird news” stories has to be the tragic tale of a New York City woman who was killed by a shark earlier this week. And on an even odder note, it turns out this is the first-ever, fatal shark attack in the state of Maine.

The New York Times:

In the first recorded fatal shark attack in Maine’s history, a woman was killed this week by a great white as she swam in the ocean off the state’s coast, the authorities said.

The woman, identified as Julie Dimperio Holowach, 63, was swimming with her daughter about 20 yards offshore near Bailey Island when she was attacked on Monday afternoon, Commissioner Patrick Keliher of the Maine Department of Marine Resources said at a news conference on Tuesday.

Nearby kayakers brought her to shore and emergency response workers were called to the scene, where she was declared dead. The daughter, whose name was not released, was not injured and was able to swim back and get out of the water, he said.

Moving to a less serious tone (because there’s way too much serious news these days), it looks like the shark won’t make a clean getaway, after all. Scientists on the case now have narrowed down the culprit responsible due to – wait for it – forensic science (cue “Forensic Files” theme).


As the NYT added:

The commissioner said that a recovered tooth fragment was used to confirm that it was a great white shark.

But it’s not actually the shark’s fault at all — it probably thought it had nabbed the biggest, tastiest snack it had ever come across. The venerable New York Post shared that tidbit in a piece titled, “Shark that killed NYC woman confirmed as great white – and it’s still out there.”

NY Post:

Holowach was likely mistaken for a seal because of her wetsuit, Maine officials said at a press conference Tuesday.

Many people across the country — just now learning about last Monday’s fatal attack — are sharing their hopes and worries about the shark, if Twitter is any indication. And at least a few of them (like this “Ghostbusters” fan) pondered whether the great white shark had an innate, unfair advantage on its side…


It’s such a shame, really, but the magnificent sea fish could be in a heap of trouble… all over what now looks like a simple case of “mistaken identity”:

Meanwhile, this person called out the Post headline writer’s truly outrageous assumptions:

I dunno, Mr. Rex… There are worse fates than retiring to Long Island, as these two gentlemen rightly noted:


Speaking of “Forensic Files,” the classic, true crime show’s been picked up for new episodes airing on HLN, who are calling it “Forensic Files II.” I say, you can call it a bologna sandwich on whole wheat — as long as you don’t tinker with theme music this epic.


Take a listen:



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