This Is INSANE: Watch Sam Nunberg's Interview With Jake Tapper

Jake Tapper, making a face on behalf of everyone watching.

The circus is in town folks. I can’t tell if Donald Trump is slipping things into people’s water or if his brand of crazy is rubbing off on others. Sam Nunberg, a former Trump aide received a subpoena to appear before Robert Mueller’s grand jury and he’s saying he won’t bother to go.


Nunberg, who already had one kind of crazy interview on CNN, called back and spoke to Jake Tapper for nearly 15 minutes and the result can only be described as insane. It’s amazing that Tapper was able to keep a straight face.

You HAVE to watch this entire clip. This video has all of the interviews, but the first 15 minutes is with Tapper:

This guy could turn out to be serious trouble for Donald Trump.

He said Trump was “stupid” to fire Comey. He said he thinks Carter Page colluded with the Russians. He actually asks Jake for legal advice.

Just watch it.


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