Dear Media: Stop Fawning Over North Korea at The Olympics Knowing It's a Tyrannical, Murderous Regime

In this image taken from video, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attends an event to mark the second anniversary of the death of his father, former leader Kim Jong Il, in Pyongyang, North Korea Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2013. (AP Photo/KRT via AP Video) TV OUT, NORTH KOREA OUT

Some people in the mainstream media understand why people look at them as a step below pond scum. Still, others sit around wondering, “Why? Why doesn’t the public like us?” That question gets asked and answered so often and yet they’re like Leonard from Memento, seemingly forgetting five minutes after being told.


The Winter Olympics began, and some media outlets have taken it upon themselves to behave like teenage girls at a Beatles concert when covering North Korea. When President George W. Bush named North Korea as one of the countries representing the “Axis of Evil” (David Frum came up with that one, folks) he wasn’t just using it as a rhetorical device. The Kim dynasty, which has controlled North Korea since the end of World War II, defines evil. They attempt to appear to reign like a royal family but instead rule with an iron fist.

Apparently forgetting about that, some in the media decided The Olympics might present an opportunity to gloss over Kim dynasty wretchedness by “reporting” stories as you see below:

The cheerleaders “stole the spotlight” because they knew their lives were on the line. Perform poorly in front of a worldwide audience, embarrassing Dear Leader and they’d likely wind up in a gulag — at best.

One of the more shocking stories has to be the Washington Post comparing Kim Yo-jong to Ivanka Trump. Before her father won the presidential election, Ivank sold clothes. I can assure you that Kim Yo-jong is not selling clothes or baking cookies. Her brother elevated her to be on the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea. As Joe Biden would say, “That’s a big f**king deal.”

So just so we are Obama-clear, let’s run down a list of what the Kim family does to their people:

  • They publicly (and frequently) execute citizens including making people watch firing squads take out people in stadiums
  • They send citizens abroad to work and make them return 90 percent or more of their pay to the homeland – and not for family but the state
  • Citizens have zero rights. None. They have no access to the outside world. People there have never heard of Google or Apple. Television is state run.
  • As I said earlier, they run actual gulags
  • Kim had his half-brother assassinated and his uncle executed to consolidate power
  • Finally, I hope the Kim loving media remembers the name: Otto Warmbier

Look at this photo:

That’s Warmbier on the right after being sentenced by the North Korean government to 15 years in prison and hard labor after a conviction for a “hostile act.” His crime? He stole a poster from a hotel. The United States negotiated his release 17 months later, but what we see on the left is what he looked like because he was in a coma. An affliction that no doubt came from likely repeated beatings at the hands of North Korean prison guards.

Still want to play footsie with these dirtbags, media friends?


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