Mitt Romney Calls Out Donald Trump With MLK Day Tweet

With Orrin Hatch (finally) retiring, the recruitment efforts to get Mitt Romney to run for that seat started immediately. With the revelation that Romney received treatment for prostate cancer over the summer, it may not be a slam dunk he runs, but if he does, Donald Trump shouldn’t expect Mitt to just get in line.


That was evident when Mitt tweeted the following this morning:

The fallout from the “s**thole” comments continue for President Trump, providing another means for him to get in his own way. The economy hums along. Corporations continue to announce wage increases and bonus payouts due to the GOP tax cut. Trump had the opportunity to get something done on DACA (which 2/3 of the country supports), and he chooses instead to yelp to the press that he’s the least racist person in the world.

Naturally, the media hunted down everything he’s said to prove otherwise.


Romney pushed back pretty hard here. It will be interesting to see how Trump reacts because everybody knows he’s fuming. Trump supporters, meanwhile, continue to pivot with whatever Trump says. At first, the White House didn’t deny he made the comments and fans went with, “Hey, he’s right!” When he denied making the statements, they pivoted to “Hey, fake news!”

The whole thing comes off as the usual circus and we’re barely two weeks into 2018.




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