Sean Hannity Just Can't Quit Jake Tapper

What is it with Fox News hosts and their obsession with hosts on other news networks? Is there some cottage industry within Murdoch’s empire that creates a stream of revenue by continually lashing out at other cable news outlets?


Sean Hannity, who is no longer a cable news commentator but rather a full-time press office for Donald Trump, thinks any coverage of the president that doesn’t include full-fledged rear end kissing is “fake news.” The media shouldn’t get a pass for any wrongdoing they commit, and you’ve seen that on the pages of RedState despite most of the authors taking a negative tone towards President Trump.

But whether Hannity believes every word of Fire and Fury is bogus is his opinion. Michael Wolff did have access to the president and senior white house staff. The book is news. The visceral reaction to the book by the White House makes for even more news.  It is only natural that other networks are going to cover the book, talk to the author and have discussion panels about it.

Yes, there will be some in the news who will accept every allegation in the book as gospel since it puts Donald Trump in a negative light. But there will be others (like Hannity) who will dismiss every claim because it puts Donald Trump in a negative light.


Watch Hannity freak out here about Tapper:

Oh no! The graphic! It was part of a montage of graphics Tapper showed as he highlighted portions of the book. One of those highlights dealt with the mental fitness of the president. But read what Hannity said:

“Now, in a way, I feel sorry for ‘Fake News Jake.’ He has to take his marching orders from his Trump-hating soon-to-be-scandal-plagued boss, Jeff Zucker who’s best friends with Matt Lauer.”

That’s funny. Hannity has the gall, through a six degrees of Kevin Bacon move, to link Tapper to Matt Lauer. That’s rich coming from the guy who worked with (and for), Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly and Eric Bolling.

Relax, Sean. Your ratings are good enough that you can quit Tapper if you want to.


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