Trey Gowdy to Devin Nunes and Adam Schiff: Knock Off the Drama

Trey Gowdy is a former prosecutor, and as such, he wants to search for facts. The that was used by sleazy Super PAC operatives to raise money under the guise of replacing Paul Ryan as Speaker became persona non grata when he didn’t walk Hillary Clinton out of the room after her testimony about Benghazi.


Contrary to the myth about Gowdy, he’s not some wild-eyed conspiracy-minded conservative, and he’s growing weary with the behavior of both Republican Devin Nunes and Democrat Adam Schiff.

Both Nunes and Schiff have convinced themselves there’s a conspiracy going on with Nunes thinking he’s a current day version of Senator Frank Church and everybody in the Justice Department and FBI is corrupt. Schiff wants to overturn every rock he can find hoping to find a photo Vladimir Putin hugging Donald Trump.

Gowdy is tired of both of them. On Nunes:

Although Nunes has not officially wrested his panel’s Russia probe back from the Republicans he deputized to run it, the chairman’s reemergence as a combative Trump loyalist has raised alarm among Democrats that the future of the investigation may be clipped short or otherwise undermined. Even some of Nunes’s GOP allies have expressed concern about his tactics, prompting rare public warnings that he should temper his attacks on federal law enforcement.

“I’m interested in getting access to the information and not the drama,” Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) said last month, when Nunes began threatening contempt citations for FBI Director Christopher A. Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein in the wake of revelations that former Mueller team members had exchanged ­anti-Trump texts.

More recently, Gowdy said that his “heart would be broken” if Nunes follows through on reported plans to issue a corruption exposé about the FBI, citing concerns that issuing such a report outside the context of a comprehensive investigation of the Justice Department could prove damaging to law enforcement.


He’s right. Nunes has done nothing but act like the Palace Guard for Donald Trump. It’s pathetic to watch, and his threats about issuing a “corruption exposé” that is certain to be long on rhetoric and blather but short on facts.

Adam Schiff is no better. Gowdy had words for him, too:

“Adam’s list is pretty much every character in any Dostoevsky or Tolstoy novel,” Gowdy said, referring to the Intelligence panel’s top Democrat, Rep. Adam B. Schiff of California. “I get the intrigue and the mystery of these unusual-sounding names, but at some point you have to tie it back to what we’re looking at.”

“You can interview anybody that’s ever met a Russian in the government and it’s not going to get you any closer,” said Rooney. “Ten months, how many witnesses? I want to know, ask them how much longer they want to go. How many more witnesses do they need to hear, and specifically which witnesses, and why?”

Precisely. Schiff comes off like a robot that’s malfunctioned with “RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA” coming out of his mouth.

The investigation is supposed to be about the facts, not Nunes’ or Schiff’s Oliver Stone conspiracy theories. Can we have some semblance of order around here?




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