"Former" Bannon Ally Paul Nehlen's Racist Views Didn't Just Suddenly Materialize; Don't Let His Pals Run for Cover

It’s funny how a few tweets can suddenly turn friends into a foe.

Paul Nehlen, who should forever be known as, “The guy who got curb-stomped by Paul Ryan,” has now alienated his Breitbart/Bannon/TrumpTrain buddies by going full alt-right with a heaping serving of anti-Semitism to boot.


As Susan wrote, Steve Bannon sought to distance himself from Nehlen (as did former Twitter pals, many of whom have conveniently deleted tweets praising him before his anti-Semite explosion) despite sharing a stage with him just weeks ago in support of Roy Moore.

The reality is, Nehlen, a political loser, dealt a nearly 70 point loss by Ryan, didn’t just suddenly change. As a The Washington Examiner article from August shows, Nehlen was already letting his alt-right pants down months ago. You know, when Bannon and friends were still admiring him.

Among the gild of creeps who promoted stomach-churning images of white nationalists gathering by the light of tiki torches in Charlottesville, Va. last Friday was one Paul Nehlen, the man running a longshot bid to challenge House Speaker Paul Ryan in the Republican primary for his congressional seat.

Nehlen retweeted an image of the rally’s organizers posted after the event that was captioned, “Huge success in Charlottesville. Tomorrow will be even better. #UniteTheRight.” He also retweeted a picture of the demonstration posted by alt-right organizer Jason Kessler captioned, “Incredible moment for white people who’ve had it up to here & aren’t going to take it anymore. Tomorrow we #UnitetheRight #Charlottesville.”


Not only that, Nehlen bought into the garbage #pizzagate conspiracy theory:

As if those tweets weren’t disgusting enough, Nehlen also said he believed in the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory that spread among the alt-right in an Aug. 3 “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit. The theory posited that prominent Democratic leaders were running a child sex ring out of the basement of a Washington, D.C. pizzeria. It was debunked thoroughly last year after a man stormed the restaurant with a rifle and fired shots.

Last but not least, Nehlen was happy to buy into the Seth Rich conspiracy, noted here when he tweeted out a story at the garbage site, Gateway Pundit:


This was all out in the open. It wasn’t hidden. It happened publicly and it happened before Bannon protege Matt Boyle at Bannon’s website Breitbart fawned over Paul Nehlen as a superhero standing up for Roy Moore. Moore, you may remember, is the guy that Breitbart editors believed to be a child molester while they were praising and pledging support for him.


So don’t buy into all of this feigned outrage from people about Nehlen, behaving as though they’re “shocked” that he went full white nationalist. He was already doing that.

People didn’t care because Nehlen spent his time on Twitter bashing the “establishment globalist” Paul Ryan. The TrumpTrain people ate it up and didn’t care about his pathetic views until it proved to be a source of discomfort for them to be associated with him. He’s an inconvenience now. That’s their only objection.

Don’t let them pretend otherwise.


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