Paul Nehlen, Who Lost in a Primary Against Paul Ryan by 68 Points, Tells a Journalist To Kill Himself

Paul Nehlen is a certified #MAGA loser. He’s one of those dopey GOP primary challengers that come along from time to time, talk tough and then get creamed when the voting starts. Nehlen challenged Speaker Paul Ryan in 2016. He kicked off his campaign with a goofy video of him riding a motorcycle around Janesville and blaming Ryan for the departure of business. Because you know, Ryan’s a globalist.


Nehlen engaged in other silly behavior such as challenging Ryan to arm-wrestling contests. He was precisely the kind of candidate that Trump faction boys loved. The younger Trump supporters who still live with Mom and don’t have a job and love to blame their laziness and ineptitude on globalists and Mexicans. Nehlen received support from the usual suspects, including the usual gaggle of Trumper bozos and media outlets such as Breitbart.

Nehlen got trounced in the primary. Ryan got 84.1 percent of the vote while Nehlen received 15.9 percent of the vote.

A 68.2 percent margin of victory. Nehlen doesn’t like when people say things to him on Twitter that aren’t slobbering #MAGA approved compliments. John Podhoretz of Commentary got in a dig at Nehlen when he tweeted:


To which Nehlen responded:

So here is a guy looking to unseat the Speaker of the House and he’s on Twitter telling journalists to kill themselves.




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