Watch: Nancy Pelosi Takes GOP Tax Bill Histrionics To A Whole New Level (VIDEO)

While the GOP Congress considers a relatively modest tax cut plan, the left remains true to form, writing off anything Republicans do as a death knell for the average American.


It is hard work keeping up with all of the people Republicans want to kill with their legislation.

That sounds funny because it is funny. Democrats continually make themselves look like fools by pretending impending GOP legislation will actually cause people to die. Forget about Ponce de Leon and the Fountain of Youth or the Holy Grail. The Democrats have discovered what gives people eternal life: Increasing taxes.

All kidding aside, from a political perspective, it works well for Republicans when Democrats are so unhinged. Only a fool believes a modest reduction of individual tax rates and a corporate tax reduction will have people dropping dead in the streets. Such tomfoolery plays directly into the hands of Republicans who will use the Democratic blather as a means of painting them as extremists.

House Minority Nancy Pelosi gave the GOP ammunition when asked during a press conference about the GOP tax bill. The reporter asked about Democrats discussing a modest tax cut in very apocalyptic terms and here is what she said:


“The debate on health care is life, death. This is Armageddon. This is a very big deal because you know why? There’s really a very hard way to come back from this.”

Nancy later backtracked saying, “The only reason it isn’t the end of the world is because America is a great country and the greatness of America and the fact that God is always with us is what give us hope.” 

But the damage was already done.

Democrats will find it very difficult to take back control of the House or Senate if everything President Trump or Republicans in Congress do is met with a hair-on-fire reaction.

It’s their funeral. (Pun intended)


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