Watch a Parade of Democrats Refuse To Say Franken or Conyers Should Resign

What is a little sexual harassment and groping among Democratic colleagues anyway? Let’s just be perfectly blunt about what is going on here: If any Republican in the House or Senate were accused of the same transgressions as Sen. Al Franken and Rep. John Conyers, the waiting line for Democrats to get on television to denounce them and demand the Republicans in question resign would be lengthy.


No if’s, and’s or but’s.

If you want to do the “This is how we got Trump” game, watch how many Democrats can’t bring themselves to say, “Yeah, he should go,” about Conyers or Franken. It’s a pathetic display but not surprising:

Of course, all this does is provide a reason for Moore supporters to go out and vote for him. Forget about the equivalence of accusations. Franken admitted what he did and Conyers had to pay out settlements for claims made against him. The allegations against Moore, while credible are 40 years old and there’s no concrete proof it happened.

That is precisely how Moore supporters will look at the issue.

It appears the supposed “lessons learned” from the Bill Clinton mess are already forgotten.


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