WHOA! Sean Hannity Just Sent a Serious Warning to Roy Moore!

It’s a common phrase that starts, “When you’ve lost ______.” What it means is, when somebody loses the support of another who strongly backed said person, whatever the situation is, it’s reached critical mass.


Every Republican Senator who endorsed Roy Moore has rescinded their endorsements except for Rand Paul. Moore still had support from pro-Trump media, including Breitbart (and by extension, Steve Bannon) as well as hosts on Fox News, including Sean Hannity.

Well. Not anymore unless Moore comes up with some answers Hannity finds acceptable:

That is as we say…..HAYOOOG.

Ironically, Hannity will likely have more pull than anybody else in convincing Moore supporters to tell Moore to leave the race. More than any of the Senators who dropped their endorsement.

We’ll see what happens next.


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