Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy Exploits the Blood of Innocents for Politics

With two mass shootings and a terrorist attack in New York City all happening in a span of fewer than 45 days, it is no wonder people likely believe we live in a time of complete chaos. The reality is, despite a small spike in violent crime the last couple of years, the United States lives in one of the least violent eras of the previous fifty years.


That said, there is a never a shooting so gruesome or deadly that some on the left won’t use it to advance their gun-grabbing agenda. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn), a dimwit with almost no equal, is the worst kind of politicians. First, he’s not all that bright. When you watch him talk, it’s clear Murphy doesn’t have any original thoughts. He is excellent at spouting Democratic talking points but lacks originality. Second, Murphy is a shameless opportunist. If it benefits him politically, he’ll attempt to exploit it.

The shooting in a Sutherland Springs church is a stark reminder of the fragile lives people lead. Whether people are attending a concert, riding their bikes or going to church, evil lurks — and kills.

Some people make stupid statements after such horrific events, and the right is not immune. Chris Murphy, however, is in a class all by himself when it comes to stupidity and any sense of decorum or shame. Here is what Murphy tweeted hours after church shooting:

Murphy, like so many other intellectually dishonest stooges, starts with the false insinuation that there are little to no gun laws on the books in the United States. The reality is, the firearms industry is one of the most regulated in the country. That doesn’t stop Murphy from pretending no such laws exist. Look at his full statement after the church shooting:


It is not extremely powerful. It is extremely dumb. Note what is distinctly lacking: Proposed solutions. 

Murphy and his ilk spout the same drivel every time. They claim the “gun lobby” won’t “allow” new laws because doing so would cut into profits. They choose to say conservatives favor the “gun industry” because they refuse to say “favor the constitution.” Murphy mentions “measures” favored by the majority of constituents. Ok, Senator. Which measures? Name them. Murphy then goes on to claim such shootings are an “epidemic” when they are rare, and then Murphy uses the famous phrase uttered by all gun control advocates:

Do something. 

It is a standard pablum for people like Murphy. Why? Because he knows the “measures” he wants to get passed wouldn’t have stopped the shooting Murphy claims he wants to prevent from happening again. The operative question always comes up in these situations:

“What law would have prevented the shooter from doing this?”

You see, a person who is willing to walk into a church and start indiscriminately killing people as young as 5 and as old as 72, likely didn’t stop to think, “Whew. I’m so glad those universal background checks are legal. Not sure I’d go through with this, otherwise.” 


Murphy saved his dumbest tweet for last:

If you read the tweet he is referring to, Jim Hanson did not say the shooting itself was stopped. He did say, however, the shooter was stopped from killing more people because somebody else with a gun intervened. It’s one of those inconvenient facts Murphy wants to wave away magically.

Ignoramus blowhards like Senator Murphy don’t lend anything to the debate about firearms. He exists for the moral handwringing and calls to “do something” instead of putting his cards on the table and letting people know, “Here are my ideas. Let’s talk about them.”

I wish I could say they should be ashamed of themselves but why bother?



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