Trump's Idiot Svengali, Steve Bannon, Is Going To Make Things More Difficult For Trump

Steve Bannon purportedly told somebody he’s a Leninist. His goal is burning it all down — in this case, the dreaded Republican “establishment.” Bannon and his ilk at Breitbart have decided that their number one enemy of the Trump/Bannon agenda is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.


Bannon decided to back primary challengers to incumbent Republican Senators just so long they support ousting McConnell from his leadership post. Such foolish thinking is what turns a Republican Senate majority into a Democratic majority. Bannon worked at Goldman Sachs so he should be familiar with basic math.

Trump’s problem at the moment is a tenuous Senate majority. We’ve witnessed what happened when just three Senators decide to go a different route than the president wants. The solution to this problem?

Elect more Republican senators. 

One would think, Steve Bannon would pour money and effort into races where Republicans can beat Democrats and where Trump won bigly. Three potential wins are just waiting in Missouri, Indiana and West Virginia.

Trump won those states by 19, 19 and 42 points. Claire McCaskill D-MO, Joe Donnelly D-IN, and Joe Manchin D-WV are all ripe for defeat. By adding Republican senators to the chamber, Trump can afford 2-3 to go off the reservation at times and still cull enough support together to pass legislation.

Instead, Bannon is wasting time and resources on Bozo candidates who may have difficulty winning the primary. However, if they manage to eek out wins in Arizona and Mississippi against incumbent Republicans, it makes the likelihood of Democrats winning, particularly in states outside the deep-red south.


Bannon doesn’t care to remember history. Republicans were poised to take control of the House and Senate in 2010 that would have included having a Republican Senator in Delaware and ridding the Senate of the filth known as Harry Reid. Instead, Bozo GOP candidates ran in both of those races and Democrats won easily.

People want to Trump MAGA but he’s shown himself to be a crappy negotiator and instead of sucking up criticism the say so many politicians do, he responds with Twitter hissy fits that many Trumpkins love but prove to be terribly unproductive. The best thing for Trump is a great majority in Congress.

Steve Bannon would rather have a dumpster fire. And that’s a damned shame.



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