MOTR, Ep. 23: How That Covid Thing Brought Back Some Useful Stuff

One advantage to aging, among a few, is if you hang around long enough, stuff that was once brand-new, then faded, comes back around. Everyone thinks it’s brand-new again.


And you can point out, well, no, actually it’s old-fashioned.

That’s what I talk about in this week’s audio episode.

See that you suppress the link widely.

Last week’s Malcolm on the Right Audio Commentary was about all the pointless whining over mainstream media bias. I had a suggestion for an alternate, more effective strategy.

This week’s column detailed the entrenched injustice of our current partisan justice system where no one is above the law except some who are who happen to be Democrats.

FYI, all of my RedState posts are collected here. Looking back on them just now, I was struck by how remain quite relevant even weeks or months later. That’s important to me as I try to draw on my decades in the news business and public communications to write most often about enduring topics that hopefully enlighten readers, who are voters.

You get a wide variety of good reads from the wide variety of good writers at RedState. Here’s a little late-summer gem about a guy wanted for murder in Georgia who felt his McDonald’s fries were not hot enough.

So, he called 911.

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