MOTR, Ep. 18: My Thoughts on Biden's Casual Cruelty Over Killing American Jobs

Joe Biden is a strange duck.

I’ve been writing about U.S. politics since 1968, But I’ve never seen a U.S. president and his minions perversely revel in killing off thousands of good-paying jobs for American workers.

It makes me angry. Very.

Here’s the previous Malcolm on the Right audio commentary, No. 17, noting a belated but welcome development of Americans exercising their market power against biased media by simply turning them off.

And the one before that, No. 16, on a very real sign of hope in the Middle East, another foreign legacy of Donald Trjump.

This week’s revealing column on the real reason behind the midterm doom looming over Democrats this fall.

And finally something completely different, an examination of Spam, the edible kind that my mother brought in the house to relieve her of years of peanut-butter-and-jelly-sandwich-making fatigue.

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