Malcolm on the Right, Ep. 12: Joe Biden's Left a Stain on Our National Honor

Malcolm on the Right, Ep. 12: Joe Biden's Left a Stain on Our National Honor
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These are not your standard Chamber of Commerce types, seeking new investments and jobs for their community.

These are top Taliban government officials working from home. They are also, it turns out, seeking fellow Afghans who were silly enough to trust the American government as their employer during the recent 20-year war in that misbegotten land.

Not only did Joe Biden completely screw up the U.S. troop withdrawal there last summer. Not only did he promise to get everyone out who wanted out — and then break that promise. That left thousands of Americans behind and even a larger crowd of Afghans and their families who worked for the U.S. military and aid organizations.

But he also left behind vast volumes of files and biometric data identifying those vulnerable Afghans, down to incontrovertible photos of their iris.

Now, the Taliban is going door-to-door to root out these loyal workers now deemed traitors. There have been executions, torture, and prison sentences.

Here’s what I think about a president who would do that to trusting employees who fell for America’s word:

Here’s another recent commentary, why would Joe and Hunter Biden use code names in their private emails?

And a recent rant about Americans’ costly unwillingness to confront mental illness, the real cause behind mass shootings.

My most recent column on Putin’s serial stumbles on his Ukraine invasion. I also took a detailed look at one of those U.S. killing weapons that has become a religious icon in that ongoing war.

Given recent reports of a serious Vladimir Putin illness and need for surgery, here’s a deep dive into what passes for the transfer of leadership power in the Russian Empire, Soviet Union, and Russian Federation.

Hint: It’s bloody. How will the next one go?

Our military veteran colleague streiff continues his home-run coverage of that conflict that remains must-read.

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