Here's a Mask Guideline for Joe Biden to Follow

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden is scheduled to issue his new mask-wearing guidelines for Americans this week.

Can’t wait. Something else to chuckle over and ignore seeping out of this White House.

Here’s my guideline for you, Joe, on wearing masks: Stop it!

When you’re on a Zoom call in front of an international audience and their unmasked leaders, lose your mask, Joe.

Turkey Climate Summit
Mustafa Kamaci/Turkish Presidency via AP

You’re vaccinated and talking to a screen. That’s not a virtue signal. That’s a stupid signal.

At your desk in the Oval Office, lose your mask. Everyone around you has been vaccinated. They’ve been tested that day. You look dumb.

You know, image is everything in politics. That’s why you spent all that money on those pearly white caps. You said the world was stunned by Donald Trump’s tough talk. Many of us thought that was a good thing. The world has seen the U.S. as a rich patsy for too long.

At least Trump’s tough talk gave them pause to mess with us. Ask the ISIS folks how their genocidal defiance of civilized norms went over after the good-talker-but-empty-threatener Barack Obama was sent into overdue retirement. Trump unleashed James Mattis and the military from Obama’s strictures and, poof!, the caliphate was gone. Oh, wait! You can’t ask them. They’re dead now.

Wearing a mask needlessly now has become a pathetic stunt. Our colleague Kira Davis nailed you for that display of weakness: “Seeing Biden in a mask, alone, on a computer screen reminds our enemies that the American will is rotting from the inside.”

Or like you standing at a podium in an empty parking lot yards from any other human sporting a pointless mask. Worse, it sends a signal of silliness to our would-be opponents, who watch these signs.

Anyone else notice that Russia wasn’t massing troops by Ukraine and the Baltic States until after you entered the White House? China’s now strutting its territorial stuff more in the South China Sea. Those North Korean missile tests were suspended at least until your entrance with a mask.

Americans are already embarrassed with your mumbling and stumbling. Maybe at 78, you can’t help that. Many of us do the same. The difference is we didn’t spend hundreds of millions of other people’s dollars to set Kamala Harris up to become Commander-in-Chief one of these days.

We’ve noticed Joe squinting at the Teleprompter recently. Need stronger contacts? Ask your speechwriters to add phonetic pronunciations of words alien to you, so you don’t say saloon instead of salon or Krugger when you mean Crow-grrr.

Now, here you come likely telling us – or some of us – that you find it sometimes permissible to skip the mask when we’re outdoors. News Flash: We already are. Hugging too. Riding in the same cars. Attending open-air sporting events by the thousands.

There is a covey of Biden Backers who cling to the thought that the 78-year-old sudden millionaire is a wise gentle soul with only the best interests of others on his failing mind. They have to cling to that because they voted for him. Correction. Actually, they didn’t vote for Joe Biden and his monumental spending and his historic tax increases and his goofy environmental ideas that are sucking energy independence out of our daily lives.

They voted against Donald Trump and his tax cuts and his strong national defense posture and his governmental deregulations and those shocking mean tweets. And trusted blindly that Biden’s mask was only hiding his mouth.

Those are the folks like Joe who also refuse to look closely at the enlightening experiences that Sister Toldjah describes blossoming in the growing number of “neanderthal states” dropping their mask strictures and restaurant closures and useless virtual classrooms to return to a more normal American life, despite Washington and the masked folks issuing more edicts to ignore.

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