California: Check Your Premises

When it comes to California, if you hear hoofbeats, assume unicorns:

California Spends $800K to Bolster Green Initiatives

California is currently mired in a fiscal morass that seems almost intractable, with many in the Golden State blaming overspending by government for the state’s fiscal woes.  Assembly Democrats have proposed plugging the state’s budget hole via $9 billion in loans, whereas Senate Democrats want to suspend $2 billion in corporate tax reductions, among other measures; the state budget deficit, meanwhile, is reportedly as big as $19 billion.

The “feebates” program is a CARB priority, however.  The agency sees slapping a tax on new, higher-emissions cars purchased by Californians, while offering a rebate on new, lower-emissions cars, as a key to combating climate change.


Excellent job, California. Any academic not studying at a leftist-haven university would be banished from the lab for conducting a study that assumes the very underpinnings of the research itself. They’re singing the same old song, touting a plan of action that has yet to prove effective. However, nailing big business and taxing the serfs to death is consistent with the sanctimonious progressive liturgy, so why consider any other alternative?

This “feebate” program means death for business in California:

Anti-tax advocates say it will raise taxes both directly—i.e., for purchasers of less efficient cars—and indirectly.  In France, where “feebates” have also been used, critics say rebates wound up exceeding taxes paid, and the result, says one individual tracking the proposal with whom we spoke, has been generalized taxpayer subsidization of the program.  In Canada, meanwhile, the “fees” arising under their “feebates” program have reportedly been kept in place, but expensive rebates were ended.

It’s time for California to prioritize. The Golden State is currently being held hostage by ideological dogma and rampant fiscal irresponsibility. Her citizens are slogging through a 20% unemployment slump, and the prospect of a crippling tax increase to pad the budget isn’t going to help. Bureaucrats’ inability and unwillingness to pull their heads out of the organic fertilizer and think long-term—instead of rolling with en vogue hippie legislation—is destroying the lives of the people “the system” is supposed to support.


This is not just a “California problem.” Click that link right there and read the whole thing, because Erick Brockway hit the nail on the head – way back in FEBRUARY. Take my right wing, Gaia-hating conservative outrage with a grain of salt; I’m on the outside looking in. Instead, take the time to listen to the people who are living this progressive “green” nightmare every day. Hear their stories, and pay attention to how it happened in California, because this mentality—this “to hell with the consequences,” “save the planet at the expense of my fellow man” mentality–is taking over this country.

It goes beyond environmentalism. Every day, the news is filled with stories of new initiatives to fix all of our problems at the expense of our livelihoods, our morals, and our very way of life. Progressives aren’t looking to improve or maintain anything—they’re looking to tear down, destroy, and rebuild according to a whole new system of governance.

And according to that system, your needs come second to those of the liberal machine.

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