San Francisco's Fecal Problem Takes an Artistic Twist

It has been well documented that San Francisco has a public health crisis on it’s hands- and it’s streets. Namely, there is human feces all over the place. Things have now taken a bizarre, and artistic, twist.


NBC Bay Area undertook an investigation of the city and found something new in the city. In their own words:

High-priced San Francisco is known for launching trends, however, feces-laced graffiti may be the most peculiar and disgusting one yet.

That’s right. The human waste lying around in the streets is now being used for artistic endeavors by some seeking to graffiti in the city. NBC noted that, while there were piles of excrement near the graffiti, they did not test the graffiti itself to confirm that it was, itself, made of excrement. Seeing that San Francisco received nearly 21,000 requests to clean feces off the streets and sidewalks last year, it seems like a fair assumption.

Mayor London Breed promised to clean up the streets within three months of her inauguration in July. It doesn’t look like that’s going great. There are increasing complaints about needles, trash and, yes, human excrement, but Breed claims that the city is cleaner than when she took office. As for the increased reports, she believes there are simply more reports, not more overall instances.


She told NBC Bay Area:

There is a huge difference in certain parts of the city. I’m not seeing as much of what I used to before I took office.

Maybe it’s just that the excrement is not more artistically situated on the streets than it once was.

Poop-free streets doesn’t seem like too much to ask for a city that boasts the highest rent in the world, with the average apartment going for $3,500 per month. The highest rent in the world and (maybe) there’s a little less human poop in the street. Good job, San Francisco!


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