School Apologizes for Showing "Inappropriate" Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Video

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Florida parents were upset when their high school kids were shown a sex ed video in school made by Planned Parenthood. The video is about consent, and asks “How do you know for sure if somebody really wants to have sex with you?”


Parents weren’t told that this video would be shown, and many were unhappy. Sarasota County school board member, Eric Robinson told local Channel 8 WFLA “We are getting a flood of e-mails, phone calls and Facebooks.” The video shows a woman having her breasts grabbed and same-sex couples kissing and making out.  As Robinson said, “We have a policy that requires vetting and approval by staff members,” and this wasn’t. “Its just unfortunate that they decided to use Planned Parenthood to get their message out,” said Robinson. “If parents had been notified about this, this could’ve been stopped off at the pass.” This video was shown, well, without consent.

The video was shown by a counselor from SPARCC- Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center, which has worked with the school district for many years. SPARCC President and CEO Jessica Hays issued the following apology:

“We sincerely apologize for the incident last Wednesday at Pine View. The staff member did not follow established protocol regarding the programming presented, and the organization has acted to ensure that this does not happen again. SPARCC has had a positive relationship with Sarasota County Schools that has spanned more than 15 years and we take the trust placed in our organization very seriously. Preventing domestic/dating violence and sexual assault is central to our mission and SPARCC aims to be a trusted resource for our community.”


Pine View Principal Dr. Stephen Covert also released a statement, which said:

“We appreciate SPARCC’s shared concerns regarding this incident. I am thankful for their swift review of the events and apology to our students, staff, school leaders and families. Until now, SPARCC has been a trusted resource for our students and school community, however, I am disappointed that the action of one resulted in an unacceptable situation for our students. I want to assure our school community that we will follow district guidelines and will take extra precautions in the future to ensure only pre-approved materials are used in the classroom.”

Another question on the minds of Sarasotans- why was this shown in an AP Literature class? School Board Chair Bridget Zielger had the same question.


“What do parental rights matter in K-12 ed? This video was shown to students during an AP Literature class. No parents were notified in advance. It was only after a student complained that parents & our board became aware. Warning: Mature Content.”





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