Cynthia Nixon Claims Room Temperature is 'Sexist' Ahead of Debate

Cynthia Nixon, best known as Miranda from Sex and the City, is running for governor of New York, facing off against current governor Andrew Cuomo in the Democrat Party primary. The only debate between the two candidates is coming up on Wednesday, and the Nixon camp wants to make it clear that, if the room isn’t warm enough, it’s because of sexism.


Cuomo, you see, prefers a cold room. Nixon does not. So, the New York Times reports, Nixon strategist Rebecca Katz sent an e-mail to WCBS-TV, which is hosting the debate, asking that the room be set to 76 degrees (ideal room temperature is usually said to be 72). Not only that, but they said that the reason for this request was that working conditions are “notoriously sexist when it comes to room temperature.”

Sexist room temperature, guys. You’ve probably heard this before. Men like offices colder than women, so offices are set to the colder temperature. This isn’t because of patriarchy at work, it’s because it’s acceptable for women to put on a sweater to obtain a comfortable temperature, but it is not acceptable for men to undress to do the same. I’m pretty sure feminists would look unkindly at that sort of behavior in the workplace as well. Similarly, Nixon could wear long sleeves to a debate, but Cuomo can’t go shirtless.

When a room is scheduled to hold a large event like this, it is fairly standard for the temperature to be turned down. That’s because it will warm up once you pack hundreds of people into it and turn on the television lights. Science!


Finally, Ms. Nixon, you have othered me, and I will not stand for it. As a woman who prefers a cold room, you have made me feel like an outsider. I’m sure you would say that women don’t have to fit certain criteria to be women, so let’s not say it’s sexist to like a room cold.

This seems like some desperate attempt to play the sexism card in an attempt to win one for the sisterhood when, in reality, it just makes her look small and foolish. With poll numbers like these, desperate is probably exactly what she is. No reason to make everyone sweat just because you’re sweating it, Ms. Nixon. Suck it up and put on a sweater. I’ll be awaiting your apology for the othering.


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