People are Offering Ruth Bader Ginsburg Their Organs

The cult of Ruth Bader Ginsburg may officially have reached fever pitch now that people have started offering her their organs in order to keep her healthy.

We may have thought that line was crossed when a Constitutionally-incorrect film was created about the woman whose job it is to interpret the Constitution or when her exercise regimen went viral. A Kickstarter for an RBG action figure set of goal of $15,000 and has, as of this article, collected more than $600,000. Just check out what the hipsters over at Etsy have made. Merch galore.


This is going to be difficult to top, however.

Oh, ok. That makes you a patriot. Got it.

Or there are these people, who just want to give her years of their own lives.


I don’t know why this needs to be said but, apparently, it does.

If the Supreme Court is so important you are willing to die for one of the justices, the government is officially too intrusive. It’s time to vote for smaller government, not give up your literal organs.


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