Women Encouraged to Strike Sex to Support Roe V Wade

When Justice Anthony Kennedy announced that he’d be retiring, feminists went a little wacky. They were really concerned that they wouldn’t be able to have abortions anymore which, apparently, is the only thing that matters.


One woman went on a tweetstorm about how she’s stocking up on morning-after pills for her children and their friends in case they are having a lot of unprotected sex. Apparently, that’s easier than teaching them either to keep sex for people who matter or, failing that, to be safe about it, and to completely overstep her parental boundaries to give it to other kids, too.

Then we had this guy.

Then there were the feminists who had an entirely different plan. Withhold sex from any man who isn’t into abortion.


She goes on to say that “sex strikes have proven surprisingly effective at creating political change.” Of course, women took their marching orders and were super excited about it, which is weird because I thought that they were supposed to be able to have sex with whomever they wanted.

This is so profoundly stupid.


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