Milennials Get Classes on Basic Adult Skills, Still Act Like Children

Kids are learning a lot of weird stuff these days, both at school and at home, but they’re not learning a lot of basic life schools. These classes teach you how to do laundry (and fold it when you’re done), how to be “mindful like a Jedi,” clean, make their bed, cook a meal, or sew a button. Shouldn’t these things, as well as things like creating and maintaining a budget and shopping for car insurance, have been taught by their parents? Why are milennials entering the adult world so completely unable to function?


Perhaps it’s because, at the same time, they’re being encouraged to stay children. There are booze-filled summer camps for adults, pricey “preschools” for adults, and they can stay on our parents’ insurance until we’re well into adulthood. Milennials aren’t encouraged to behave like grown-ups, and home economics and shop classes don’t really exist in schools anymore, so we really shouldn’t be surprised that nobody ever taught them the skills required for successful adulthood.

When we expect little of someone, they will usually sink to meet our expectations. This is just one more example.


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