Alabama Voters Give Themselves Better Options With Funny Write-Ins

In the recent Alabama election, voters were faced with a choice between Roy Moore and Doug Jones. A whole lot of Alabamians couldn’t stomach either candidate and wrote in their own options.


A lot of voters wanted to vote for a republican, but couldn’t pull the lever for Roy Moore. Write-ins included “A Normal Republican, Please,” “Any Other Republican,” Decent Republican Candidate,” “Different Republican,” and “Republican Not Moore.” There was also one call for “Neutral Third Party.”

There were also some who would prefer a fictional character over either of the real people running. Mickey Mouse and Bozo the Clown got multiple votes and Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, and Snow White also made appearances on the rolls.

Plenty of people also called to a higher power, with Jesus Christ getting multiple votes. God and God Almighty were also written in.

Honorable mentions go to the people who voted for the Ghost of Stonewall Jackson, “Dr. Taco Bell,” “Someone With Integrity,” and “Your Mom.”I have to tell you, I’m a little curious about “Not Listed Due to Graphic Content,” but I think my favorite is the person who voted for “Jackson, My Dog.”


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