New Musical Makes Fun of Abortion

What could be funnier than abortion? Ok, yes, almost everything. Unfortunately, there are those who think it’s a good topic for comedy, like those behind Choice: The Musical! who are, I’m sure, delightful humans. With a logo featuring a wire-hanger American flag and a sperm dressed inexplicably as a cigar-smoking cowboy, ticket sales are bound to be through the roof.


The play recently opened at the MCL Chicago Comedy Theatre’s “A Weekend of New Musical Comedies” and here’s how they described it:

Choice – The Musical! is a lighthearted take on a subject that many consider no laughing matter – abortion! In the age of Trump when reproductive rights are being rolled back weekly, and Roe vs Wade is in jeopardy of being overturned, what better time to send up the intractable struggle that overwhelms the news every election cycle and prevents Americans from getting anything else done.

The other plays which made the cut were Iron Irene: A Musical Fable (“Set in 1866-1868, the years following the American Civil War, “Iron Irene” tells the story of two sisters and their fight for equality, family, and a better world.” Sounds hilarious), The Election of William Henry Harrison (And his Subsequent Death)Feathers! A Superhero Musical, and The Trouble with Dead Boyfriends. A laugh a minute at this comedy festival, am I right?


I headed over to their Facebook page to read the reviews. Four people have left star-ratings and none had bothered to write anything. Their crowdfunding effort didn’t go much better. They took to GoFundMe back in May to raise the $5,000 they needed to stage the production and ended up raking in $635.

Maybe it’s time for them to consider that people don’t actually think abortion is funny. The only way for this to be successful is as a parody of pro-choice gruesomeness, something along the lines of The Producers, and these writers are no Bialystock and Bloom.


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