Teachers Union Issues Press Releases on Gorsuch and Syria Because Why Not

The American Federation for Teachers (AFT) has had a busy day, issuing press releases on both the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and U.S. Airstrikes on Syria.  Neither mentions education in any way.


On Gorsuch, AFT President Randi Weingarten says:

“The American people deserved a Supreme Court justice with a record of upholding precedent, respecting existing law, and standing up for regular folks instead of corporations and special interests. Justice Neil Gorsuch has said he would meet that standard, but his actions as a jurist say otherwise. Moreover, it’s a dark day when one political party thwarts both the constitutional process and the traditions of a legislative body to ensure the confirmation of an ideological friend. Now that Gorsuch has a seat on the nation’s highest court, his responsibility is to the American people. He must demonstrate through his actions that he will be an independent voice, respect the Constitution and precedent, and be guided by our values and not by corporate and powerful interests.”

 The statement on Syria reads:

“Syria’s barbaric use of chemical genocide required an immediate response, which President Trump’s missile strikes accomplished last night. While we believe Trump should have gone to Congress first, I find it curious that many members of Congress who are applauding the U.S. strikes had opposed former President Obama when he sought congressional approval for similar action.

“Our nation needs a long-term plan for the tyranny of Syrian President Bashar Assad, which should include opening our borders to Syrian refugees for resettlement. The United States was once the world’s moral conscience in defense of the world’s most vulnerable in the face of heinous human rights violations. Trump must step up, work with Congress and be a leader on this front.

Ms. Weingarten, may I suggest that AFT work on improving our failing educational system and stay out of unrelated political matters? People might start to think you’re a shill for liberal policies rather than an advocate for education.



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