Kids Hilariously Walk in on Live TV Interview; Stupid Internet Cries "Patriarchy!"

Professor Robert Kelly, expert on South Korea,  appeared on the BBC yesterday to discuss the impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye. When he shut himself into the study to go live, however, maybe he should have locked the door, which he realizes as first his toddler, then his baby come wandering in the room to hang out with dad.


He tries in vain to hide the toddler and keep going, then gives up and waits while a woman comes to take the kids out the room, crawling back in Mission Impossible-style to shut the door behind her.

Watch the video, then keep reading.

Every working parent I know, moms and dads alike, can relate to this. It was an adorably human moment, but the anti-fun brigade of the internet were quick to come out with torches and pitchforks. Their battle cry? “PATRIARCHY.”

Some saw it coming:

It wasn’t long!

Then there’s this piece The BBC pundit’s children video is NOT FUNNY. It’s patriarchy in a nutshell, containing some of the hottest of takes, like this one (which contains a bad word, sorry):

Basically, the message this video delivers to me is: being a man is playing life on the easy setting. Once again, the yawning awareness of the patriarchy shits on my ability to enjoy something.



Fortunately, the internet was quick to mock the idea that this was in any way about the patriarchy.

And some commented on how quickly the internet can turn on someone:

Finally, this is probably true:


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