Tech Allows Legally Blind Girl to See Hockey Game

Eleven-year-old cancer survivor Olivia Lettich is a fan of the Calgary Flames but, due to being legally blind, has never really been able to see a game. Lettich lost one eye to cancer at three years old and the other only gives her peripheral vision.


The Calgary Flames Foundation gave her a special pair of glasses that made it possible for her to see the game more than she ever had before.  “It’s super important because everyone else tells me what they see and sometimes I wish I could see it. These help a lot,” she said of her glasses.

Her mom, Meredith, says they’ll never forget this day. “She’ll never forget this day, ever. She’s had goose bumps all day and so have I. It’s so exciting. The standing ovation from the crowd … Amazing.”

Watch the video here.


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