"Threads of Resistance" Unites Crafters Against Trump

Protests are getting weird, what with the p-word hats and rioting and Ashley Judd shouting words in random order. Now, we have Threads of Resistance.

Here’s what they call themselves:


The Artist Circle presents “Threads of Resistance,” a juried exhibition of work created to protest the Trump administration’s actions and policies.

We invite you to consider the theme “Threads of Resistance,” and create work – fiber art, art quilts, modern quilts or traditional quilts – to convey your passion, anger, or sadness about an issue that concerns you. Your work can be either positive (encouraging and unifying), or negative (portraying anger, sadness or discouragement).

Suggested themes include “fake news and lies” and “attack on science.”

I moseyed on over to Instagram to see how it was going.  Ready to be inspired?

There’s this thing, that looks kind of like a grilled cheese on a picnic blanket.


What’s a crafter to do when confronted with multiple protest quilts? You heard me. Multiple. Protest. Quilts.

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I finished my top for the #adaywithoutawomanminiquilt which will be like my #womensmarchminiquilt but without the circles. Now, a question: should I somehow connect the two (quilt as you go style) so that I can enter them in the #threadsofresistance exhibition? Unconnected, they're each 2" too narrow to be considered. I really want them as two separate minis, but I also like the idea of sharing them in the exhibit rather than just in my own guest room. Any thoughts? Using them as one piece seems unbalanced, but maybe that's a good message here. (Also, I've never submitted a quilt anywhere so advice is appreciated.) #quilts #quilt #miniquilt #quilters #makers #womensmarch #adaywithoutawoman

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Really, with the caption?

As with the P-y hats, cat ladies are represented.

Here are some words. Feel the power!



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