Teacher Proud of Attacking Free Speech at Berkeley

Teacher Proud of Attacking Free Speech at Berkeley

As you know by now, the college campus at UC Berkeley melted down in riots two weeks ago when the controversial Milo Yiannopolous was scheduled to speak. In the face of this mob, the event was cancelled. It was simply not safe for this alt-right speaker.

Many rioters were proud of their work in shutting down free speech. Among them is California (public) middle school teacher and community organizer Yvette Felarca who says she helped to organize the “protest.”

Last night, she appeared on Fox News to speak with Tucker Carlson. In the ten-minute clip, she blames Yiannopolous is a fascist mastermind who gets people to physically attack others on his and Donald Trump’s behalf. She says these are people who have murdered. She uses the word “genocide” within seconds of being introduced.

What I’m saying is that you definitely want her teaching your children.

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