Hospital Worker Gets Pinched for Packing Patient's Keister With a Commode Mat

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Do you ever get the itch to insert toilet mat pieces into people’s posteriors? If so, you probably shouldn’t enter into a patient-centered ca-rear.

Such a suggestion may have never been offered to a medical caregiver in South Korea. Per, the man was arrested for a buttload of bad behavior after cops cracked the case.


As for his crime, it’s one that unquestionably called for the staffer’s firing. He was doubtlessly told to take a hike after being caught backpacking:

The [attendant], known only as a 68-year-old man, is accused of inserting four toilet mat pieces into the anus of [a] 64-year-old Parkinson’s disease patient at a convalescent hospital in Incheon, 27 kilometers west of Seoul, on several occasions between late April and early May, police said.

Ostensibly, the concerned worker was trying to show he gave a dam:

The suspect charged with violating the disability welfare law reportedly told police that he committed the offense as the patient had watery stools and needed frequent diaper changes.

But perchance the implantation was fully a fluke…

He is said to have cut the toilet mats into squares about 25 centimeters in width and in length and used them to wipe the patient’s body.

Was the unnatural installment an accident amid attempts at external absorption? Or was it perniciously punitive on the part of a nefarious nurse? Perhaps the employee perceived the patient as pompous; maybe he fingered the suffering senior as stuck-up. Hopefully, it was merely a catastrophic case of uncalculated corking.


Either way, the bottled recipient’s relatives are raw:

The victim’s family has been enraged as he had a nightmare for about two weeks unable to defecate and properly communicate due to his disease.

That a patient could be so impacted by medical malpractice is crappy. But unfortunate incidents occur in hospitals, and their effects occasionally run deep. Even so, as hinted by a host of headlines, internally invasive errors aren’t exclusive to healthcare providers:

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Back to Stopped Up in South Korea, it’s a somber story indeed. But thank goodness the patient has recovered and will be okay.

Moving forward, prevention of such a malodorous mistake is key. The hospital, clearly, could stand to be more anal about quality control.


A probe should pinpoint causes of the commode mat calamity. The victim’s fix was surely accompanied by a rigorous report. And presumably, it benefitted from the personal account of the arrested offender; a correction wouldn’t have been complete without the inside scoop.



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