Woman Arrested at Airport Was Carrying 100 Pellets of Cocaine, and Not in Her Pockets

If I understand correctly, in order to be an effective international drug smuggler, you’ve gotta be drastically dedicated to the task.

Such a compliment of commitment could certainly be paid to a woman in New York recently, although she wasn’t quite able to complete her attempt at a triumphant transport.


As reported by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, on April 9th, Yerlina Lantigua Hernandez DeNova landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport with a bit of extra baggage.

An inspection turned up three conspicuous pellets inside her purse.

Their contents: doses of white dust which tests would confirm to be cocaine.

The event led to a more thorough probe in a private room.

For officers hoping to encounter more contraband, their cups did runneth over.

Or, Yerlina’s did.

As it turned out, the traveler returning from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic had stuffed her bra — with more pellets.

On top of that Drug Discovery — a Double D, if you will — it was determined additional pellets were otherwise packed.

From CBP.gov:

At this time, Ms. DeNova admitted to CBP officers that she had also inserted pellets vaginally…

The incident brings to mind a story from 2019: “Louisiana Woman Accused of Theft Tells Cops She Has No Idea How the Meth & Money Got There – in Her Vagina.”


Courtesy of my coverage at the time:

I’ve gone through my day and collected gum on my shoe; I’ve discovered fuzz on my shirt.

I had no clue as to when either foreign substance had joined me.

But you gotta really not be paying attention…

In that case, 1 gram of speed was accompanied by over $6,000.

But in New York, the monetary amount involved was much more monumental:

A total weight of approximately 3 lbs. of cocaine was seized, with an estimated street value of more than $94,000.

In all, 100 pellets were purportedly in play, involving at least one more method of concealment:

[She] admitted to CBP officers that she had…inserted pellets vaginally and anally.


New York Field Operations Acting Director Marty Rabon offered the following:

“This seizure is another example of our CBP officers being ever vigilant in protecting the United States from the distribution of these illicit drugs.”

In the meantime, as you may know, Oregon’s become the first state in the union to legalize the strong stimulant made from coca leaves.

Perhaps one day, the remaining 49 will have followed suit.

‘Til then, if you’re packing your purse for the plane and trying to choose between ChapStick and a certain prohibited powder, go for lip candy rather than nose candy.


A formerly-loaded lady in New York just might advise the same.

But she likely can’t worry with you at the moment: Ms. DeNova was charged with importing a controlled substance into the United States.



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