10,000-Strong School District Cancels Music Lessons to Fight White Supremacist Violence

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America is undergoing a racism audit. And according to a Washington school system, we can’t let music lessons off the hook.

Per its website, “The Olympia School District (OSD) provides diverse and challenging learning opportunities for nearly 10,000 students with a staff of administrators, teachers and support personnel totaling more than 1,300.”


The large association boasts an Equity Team, and its Equity Policy Development department is keen to stop systemic racism:

The Olympia School District is committed to creating an equitable school district that serves ALL students well. … The [Equity Policy] will be collaboratively designed with the community to ensure a more inclusive school and work culture that promotes equity and addresses systemic and institutional barriers that have historically marginalized students, staff and families.

Toward the goal of social justice, the district recently made a noteworthy move: In order to fight white supremacy, it canceled music instruction. During a meeting with parents, School Board Director Scott Clifthorne explained the improvement. Evidently, blowing into a flute — like participation in church — is a violent act:

“There’s nothing about strings or wind instrumental music that is intrinsically white supremacist. However, the ways in which it is, and the ways in which all of our institutions, not just schools — local government, state government, churches or neighborhoods — inculcate and allow White supremacy culture to continue to be propagated and cause significant institutional violence are things that we have to think about carefully as a community. And I think that we have to do that interrogation.”


White supremacy appears ubiquitous. Yet the more we fight it, the wider it seems to spread:

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Back to Olympia, the district’s 86’ing of instrumental instruction may have been somewhat budget-based — after all, it only has $11.5 million.

Local mom Alesha Perkins isn’t impressed by the musical moratorium. She made such clear to Fox & Friends:

“We have reached a level of absurdity in our school district, among our school board and our leadership that is just hard to ignore at this point.”

As for contentious acts, this isn’t OSD’s first rodeo. From Fox News:

The struggling district has had a history of controversial policies, including appointing a radical Black Lives Matter activist to fill a vacant board position and an elementary school creating a “safe space” club that excluded White students.


In Olympia, Washington, they’re trying to clean up America — at least at the fourth grade level. Curiously, fifth graders will still be offered music lessons. But at least they’re delaying white supremacy by a year.



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