Potpourri in Our Pants: University Hosts a 'Genital Diversity Gallery'

These days, everyone wants to see diversity delivered. And at a private New Orleans school recently, enrollees received a sack of it.

As part of Tulane University’s March 13-17 Sex Week, the college hosted a “Genital Diversity Gallery.” From the official description:


Stop by the Genital Diversity Gallery in James Lounge, which showcases SEX-ED + models.

Uniformity got the shaft:

SEX-ED + is the first project to create anatomically exact tools, based on human molding techniques, and represents the vast spectrum of human life (assigned-male, assigned-female, intersex, trans, and with voluntary or forced surgeries) to destigmatize genitals and celebrate the diversity of bodies that exist. Additional giveaways and goodies will be present.

It’s certainly been said that not all exposed men and women look alike; but contemporarily, the difference spans an unprecedented spread. Indeed, in 2023, the bottoms of bodies boast a buffet:

Major News Outlet Reports on Nude Transgender Singer and ‘Her Penis’

University-Level ‘Gender Unicorn’ Teaches That Chromosomes Don’t Determine Sex

Man’s Penis Falls Off, Doctor Adds One to His Arm

Incontinent Ex-Trans Man Sues Over Penis Removal, Predicts an ‘Avalanche’ of Court Cases

‘Nonbinary Gender Affirming’ Doctors Offer Sexual ‘Nullification’ Surgery

A Woman Undergoes Surgery to Have a Penis Added, but Doctors Remove Her Vagina – Which She Wanted to Keep

Tulane’s weeklong erotic extravaganza also featured the following:

  • Sex Trivia! w/ Goody — Fun and educational trivia for QTBIPOC (Queer and Trans Black, Indigenous, People of Color) students!
  • EC as 1, 2, 3! — Win a prize when you test your knowledge about reproductive justice and emergency contraception!
  • Reclaiming Pleasure: Shame & the Queer Body — This discussion, moderated by Queer Sex Educator Lizxnn Cobalt Chrome, will discuss ways to reclaim personal and sexual pleasure in a heteronormative and cisnormative culture.
  • Exploring Asexuality w/ Queer Student Alliance — Join Queer Student Alliance for a Student-lead panel on Asexual experiences and identities in this safe discussion of a historically marginalized identity and its intersections with Sexuality, Gender, Race, and Campus culture.
  • Polyamory & Polyqueer Relationships: A Discussion w/ Dr. Mimi Schippers — Come learn about how poly relationships are portrayed in media and what healthy poly relationships can look like.
  • (PO)pco(RN) — Stop by Gorson Porch for free popcorn, safer sex supplies, stickers, a quick guide to ethical porn, and the chance to win a prize!

It isn’t the school’s first foray into honoring the undulation of unmentionables. 2022’s Sex Week displayed Genital Diversity, too. Additionally offered: a “Wheel of Fornication.” Courtesy of my coverage:


Per the event’s…description, participants could gather “facts and statistics about sex and sexuality and win a small prize!” …

It’s an interesting idea: Looking at America’s 18-24-year-olds, a prestigious educational institution decided the difference in need of being made was that of outstanding intercourse.

Some may say we’re screwed, but Tulane’s intent upon erecting a more progressive world.

In January of 2021, ecologically-conscious attendees submitted a list of demands — including fossil fuel divestment — in order to protect them from hurricanes.

After the Derek Chauvin conviction last April, the school created “racial healing spaces” separating whites and nonwhites.

And in September 2020, students planned a protest demanding that Tulane increase restrictions to better protect them from COVID.

Sadly, that riot was canceled by the school — it violated the college’s restrictions in place to protect students from COVID.

Such is quite the record for an iconic institution. Tulane’s notable graduates run the gamut — from Newt Gingrich to Andrew Breitbart, to daughter-of-POTUS Ashely Biden to transgender Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine. The school was founded in 1834; but clearly, it’s kept up with the times.


Back to bow-chicka-wow-wow, the secondary education landscape has changed — along with that of American values. Will we soon see a return to anything approaching traditional? It isn’t likely. We’ve aimed toward a decidedly new direction, and America’s frisky future is getting off with a bang…




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