Vagina Museum Puts out a PSA: Some Men Should Get Their Ovaries Checked


A genitally joyous museum wants to make you aware of your ovaries — whether you’re a woman or man. It’s all-intersectional at the gallery geared toward the intersection of a right leg and a left.


In case you weren’t aware, March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month; and London’s Vagina Museum isn’t clamming up. The outspoken organization aims to snatch myths from the mouth of modern understanding.

Per last Wednesday’s thread-starting tweet:

We’re going to give you a crash course in ovarian cancer awareness. Each Wednesday, we’ll be updating this thread to discuss topics including the basics of ovarian cancer; symptoms; causes; risk factors; diagnosis and treatment; and myth-busting.

The Vagina Museum prepared readers for sexually fair framing. Let’s open up the issue and peer into portions:

Throughout this thread, we will be using gender-neutral language. While most people who get ovarian cancer are women, it can affect anyone with ovaries, including trans men, nonbinary people, and intersex people who have ovaries.

The Museum reported that roughly “7,500 people a year are diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the UK. It’s the sixth most common cancer in people with ovaries (after breast, bowel, lung, uterus/endometrial and melanoma). There are around 4,100 ovarian cancer deaths per year.”

The affliction is ageless:

You can get ovarian cancer at any age, although it’s most common if you’re over 50. … Nonetheless, everyone should be aware of the symptoms of ovarian cancer — even if you don’t have ovaries, you should know so you can talk about it!


In response to talk of lads and their lady parts, some commenters came across as crotchety:

  • Honey, while not every adult human female has ovaries, any adult human with ovaries is female.”
  • Only females can get ovarian cancer. If you have ovaries, you are female, regardless of whether you think you are female or not. No human has ever changed their sex. … Females with [disorders of sex development] are still female…”
  • So that’s women, women, women, women, and women then.”
  • “So tired of 99 percent of women being erased for the feelings of a TINY [percentage] of middle-class white people.”
  • My dad’s never been checked for ovaries, where does he go to find out if he has them?”
  • Embarrassed for you.”

It’s a transitional time — we’re slowly getting used to Victors and Vaughns with vulvas:

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Back to the Museum, this isn’t the first time it’s made the news:

As for the above image, that’s not a microphone — don’t press your lips against it.

Speaking of things you shouldn’t touch with your mouth, the Vagina Museum offered ovary-owning individuals indicators that a checkup might be in order:

Persistent bloating is a symptom of ovarian cancer. This includes visible puffing, feeling like you need to fart, or feeling like you’ve eaten something that disagrees with you. “Persistent” means it goes on for 3 weeks or more.

Three weeks does seem an extensive incubation period for a pants-parting puff. Presumably, the final release would be radically ruinous. But what’s even more malignant: ovarian cancer. Across our sophisticated sexual spectrum, may awareness fill the air.


And among the institutions crapping on cancer, count a UK menagerie that perpetually plugs an unmentionable. Surely the Vagina Museum hopes we find a cure, lickety-split.

In the meantime, please get your ovaries inspected.



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