Media Agency Refuses to Accredit University Unless It Teaches Future Journalists More Social Justice

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The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill wants conventional accreditation. But unfortunately, the school isn’t sufficiently soaked in DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion).


The issue involves the Hussman School of Journalism and Media, and its inadequacy in the eyes of the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (ACEJMC). Every six years, certification must be renewed. And an April 29th vote landed on the side of “Unapproved.” Only provisional status was granted, with another review scheduled two years out.

The Daily Tar Heel relays the reason for rejection:

The council found that the journalism school was out of compliance with its standard involving diversity and inclusiveness… It also found issues of concern involving the council’s standard relating to mission, governance and administration.

Hussman must not only meet identity quotas in its enrollment and hiring, but teach social justice to future journalists:

The council’s site team said the journalism school needs to continue to follow its diversity plan and initiatives in student and faculty retention and recruitment specifically. It also said the school needs to include diversity and inclusion within its curriculum.

And if it doesn’t shape up, a ship-out could be upcoming:

If the school fails to follow its diversity initiatives and make a significant change involving diversity, equity and inclusion work at the end of the two years it has been allotted, the school’s accreditation could potentially be denied.


There was a time in America when colorblindness seemed to constitute our cultural destiny:

But recently, we’ve managed a 180 and gained ground at the speed of light.

Our newly-enlightened dictate: Distinguish all people by race.

If the piano were invented today, the black and white keys would be played in separate rooms:

A Major University Trains Its Students in Groups of White and Nonwhite

Another University Offers Racially Segregated Graduation

University’s ‘Antiracism’ Posters Teach Students to View Each Other by Race

American University Creates Black-Only Version of Required Course on ‘Anti-Blackness’

Cartoon Network Schools Kids on Racial Righteousness: You Must Never Be Colorblind

The Federal Government Makes It Official: Colorblindness Is Racist

Apropos of a group-identity revolution, quotas are front and center.

And concerning curriculum, social justice appears to be education’s new core:

As pointed out by The Daily Tar Heel, UNC-Chapel Hill really needs that accreditation:

Hussman is an award-winning journalism school that has placed first overall in the Hearst Journalism Awards, a national competition that awards scholarships to students for “outstanding performance in college-level journalism,” eight times since 2002.

It is important for UNC to regain full accreditation as it looks to attract potential students and faculty members. If the Hussman school lost accreditation, it would also pose major challenges to UNC’s reputation as the top public university in the south.


Whatever is embedded into the curriculum, might that affect the bias of America’s future media coverage?

I’d say we shouldn’t rule it out.

And will UNC also instruct journalism majors in the ways of racial unity? Not necessarily; after all, it isn’t required.



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