Report: Nearly 40 Percent of Liberal Arts Students Now Identify as LGBTQ

What percentage of the young populace identifies as part of LGBT America? Where liberal arts colleges are concerned, membership is booming.

On October 3rd, the Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology (CSPI) released a report on Rainbow affiliation in the nation’s colleges and universities. Stunningly, data from nearly two dozen liberal arts schools pointed to an average of almost forty percent:


[T]he 38 percent share of LGBTQ students among the more than 4,000 students in the 23 liberal arts colleges sampled is accurate to within a 1 percent margin of error. This suggests several liberal arts colleges…could be majority LGBTQ.

Some schools — including a religious one — saw near-single digits:

[LGBTQ] students made up no more than 15 percent of students in the weighted sample at BYU (10 percent), Utah State (11 percent), Bucknell (13 percent), University of Miami (14 percent), Notre Dame (14 percent), and Clemson (14 percent).


[N]o institution had fewer than 10 percent LGBTQ students.

As for some showing a majority rule, Ohio’s Oberlin College scored a potent 51 percent. All-girl Wellesley College — in Massachusetts — amassed a percentage of 61. And Massachusetts mainstay Smith College — also exclusively female — racked up a whopping 70 percent.

Over the past several years, we’ve seen the Rainbow grow quite robust. In the days of “LGB,” the percentage of American homosexuality was said to reach a mere fraction above two percent. But the revolutionary “T” — as well as the supplemental “QIA+” — have made room for plenty of participants.



QIA stands for questioning or queer, intersex and asexual. …

The plus sign at the end of LGBTQIA+ can include members of other communities, including allies — people who support and rally the LGBTQIA+ cause even though they don’t identify within the community itself. Other identities included in the LGBTQIA+ are:

  • agender
  • genderfluid
  • pansexual/omnisexual
  • polyamorous
  • non-binary/genderqueer

These four may require explainers:

  • two-spirit — a term used by Native Americans to describe a third gender (sometimes included as 2S in the main acronym as LGBTQIA2S+)
  • sapiosexual — describes a person who is attracted to intelligence, regardless of a person’s gender identity
  • graysexual — refers to the “gray area” between asexuality and sexuality
  • demisexual — describes someone who requires an emotional bond to form a sexual attraction

So if you only wish to have sex with someone for whom you have feelings, you’re a demisexual member of the LGBTQIA+ platoon. As the saying goes, there’s something for everyone.

And our revolutionary era is partly defined by an unprecedented upbringing. Contemporarily, schools train children in the ways of the LGBT umbrella. Kids are taught they possess three identifying traits: their race, their sex, and whatever particular gender they announce.


Signs of the times:

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And now, among 57,000 attendees across all the colleges studied by CSPI, “A quarter…are LGBT.”

The analyzed liberal arts schools boast an additional distinction:

Liberal arts colleges are the least politically diverse. Many have almost no conservatives, and thus very low viewpoint diversity.

And given public schools’ gender-identity inculcation — coupled with the growing colors of the Rainbow — LGBTQ numbers seem sure to rise. Unless, that is, the old-timers take back what was initially theirs. Some old-fashioned homosexuals long for a return to the traditional trio:




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