A Clinic Right on Campus: California Eyes Turning Over a High School to Planned Parenthood

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For California teens who previously planned after-school forays to Planned Parenthood, trips may no longer be necessary. At a Los Angeles high school, the abortion provider might soon be a normal part of campus life.


On Monday, Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District’s seven-member board planned to vote on a “reproductive healthcare” proposal. Per the document, it would allow “for the operation by [Planned Parenthood] of school-based reproductive health clinics (the ‘Provider Clinics’) on the campuses of the District’s high schools identified on Exhibit A …”

At least for now, “Exhibit A” lists only one location: Norwalk’s John Glenn High School.

Taxpayers will be on the hook for the following:

  • Access to the Provider Clinics Space at all times during the hours of operation of the Provider Clinics set forth herein.
  • Utilities servicing the Provider Clinics Space, including wi-fi internet access, user ID and login for the Provider Clinic Personnel…
  • Janitorial and security.
  • Access to bathroom facilities on campus at the Schools for use by Provider Clinic Personnel and Provider’s patients.
  • Space for a laboratory specimen pickup box.

As for services offered, here’s a list:

  • Physical examinations relevant to the reproductive health system.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of illness associated with reproductive health, including sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Prescription and/or dispensing of pharmaceuticals related to reproductive health, including contraceptives and antibiotics.
  • Insertion of non-surgical long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCS), including, without limitation, IUDs.
  • Laboratory services related to reproductive health.
  • Screening, informing & linkage to enrollment assistance regarding appropriate health access programs, including Family PACT (to the extent such program remains in effect).
  • Consultation and coordination with school health and human services as appropriate.
  • Walk-in services.

Abortion isn’t mentioned, but consider this provision’s wording:

  • Referrals for additional medical or other health care services where indicated. Provider may make referrals to other health centers operated by Provider for services not offered at the Schools.

Also notable:

Parental Consent and Notification. Provider and District acknowledge that under California law minors have the right to consent to reproductive health services without parental consent or notification. Provider will encourage Students to involve their families in decision making regarding the Services, as appropriate.

Perhaps we’ve reached a point where a new name is in order. America’s “schools” are no longer that, according to the traditional meaning of the word. These days, public education appears as a training ground for what government considers good citizens. It’s an ideological institution rather than a place where knowledge is on tap.

If the training centers were relieved of all academic burden, maybe new things could be built — things called “schools” — where young people could go to study subjects such as math and science and literature.

For the time being, not everyone was happy with the idea of an abortion portal — or a place where LA’s daughters could be readied for sex via IUDs — contributing to school life.

Protestors showed up Monday, so the vote wasn’t held. It didn’t get canceled; only postponed.


And sexuality may not be the only issue; gender identity is reportedly in the mix.

From Fox News:

Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District is taking heat for a recent proposal to add a Planned Parenthood clinic to a nearby high school, but the decision is on hold after vehement protests from parents erupted earlier this week.

“It seemed like a few hundred parents showed up,” (anti-woke organization) The Gavel Project founder and attorney Ryan Heath told Fox & Friends First host Carley Shimkus on Tuesday.

Heath went on to explain which services the clinic could provide for students, including gender-affirming care, birth control administration and IUD implantation all without parental consent.

More on gender, according to Ryan:

“There’s nothing in the contract between the Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles and the unified school district that prevents this facility from providing gender affirmation care to students on campus, and we all need to remember… Planned Parenthood is the number two provider in the nation for these gender affirmation therapy hormones.”

Mr. Heath accused the district of trying to create “transgender conversion camps.”

He went on to call the gender movement “a social contagion that is causing girls in this country to desire, based on the pressure of their friends and the pressure of outside individuals like teachers to change sex, and it’s causing quite a lot of damage.”


Whatever one’s self-perception, sex is real. Might more have it if their school is implanting them with built-in birth control? How about if a path to secret abortion is at the ready?

Years ago, amid the advent of school shootings, Jeff Foxworthy said (and this may not be an exact quote), “When I was a kid, we took frogs to school. If you took a frog to school today, somebody’d shoot it.” In blue states, perhaps the future iteration of that line will be, “If you took a frog to school today, somebody would try to put it on hormone blockers and schedule it for an abortion.”



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