Kristi Noem Celebrates the Closure of South Dakota's Last Planned Parenthood Clinic: 'We Have Prayed for This Day'

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The last Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in South Dakota performed its final abortion on Monday, and will be temporarily shuttering its doors while awaiting the outcome of the Supreme Court’s decision on Dobbs v. Jackson’s Women’s Health Organization.


South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem sent a celebratory tweet over the news:

Abortions have stopped in South Dakota. We have prayed for this day, and now it is here.

Now, we must redouble our focus on taking care of mothers in crisis. Help is available to you. Adoption is an option. You are not alone.

According to LifeNews, the demand for abortions at the Sioux Falls Planned Parenthood was already sporadic. Once a month or so, Planned Parenthood flew in a Minnesota doctor to perform the abortions.

From the Argus Leader:

Abortion services have stopped, at least temporarily, at South Dakota‘s sole Planned Parenthood clinic while the organization waits for the Supreme Court of the United States to decide the fate of an abortion rights case out of Mississippi that has the potential to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Emily Bisek, vice president of strategic communications for the Planned Parenthood North Central States, said the clinic in Sioux Falls is still open to patients for the other forms of care it offers, like birth control, IUDs and family planning, but not abortion.

“We can’t in good faith schedule patients for abortions when they would have to go out of state anyway,” Bisek told the Argus Leader on Wednesday afternoon, noting that because of many medically necessary laws already set in South Dakota, it takes multiple appointments to get an abortion.


While South Dakota has not banned abortions outright, its restrictions and trigger laws are set in motion so that a pregnant woman can slow down and consider the decision. In March, Noem signed into law a bill banning mail-order abortions. This law removes the option of remote telemedicine assistance to acquire the abortion pill, and limits acquisition of this drug to direct contact with a medical provider.

As the site The Unchoice documents, many abortions are a rushed decision and often are a result of coercion:

  • 64 percent of American women felt pressured by others
  • Over 50 percent felt rushed or uncertain, yet 67 percent received no counseling
  • 79 percent were not told about available alternatives
  • 84 percent said they were not fully informed

Noem emphasized the true focus of the pro-life movement: taking care of mothers in crisis. As pointed out in my interview with Director Tracy Robinson for her film The Matter of Life, there are many organizations that not only embrace the pregnant mother, but offer resources to mother and child after birth. Planned Parenthood and their allies are not interested in helping mothers; they are only interested in terminating the life of the baby.

Planned Parenthood does not want women to have any option other than abortion. This is why the Left is attacking pro-life centers and pregnancy resource centers with defacing and firebombing. Over 100 House Republicans are demanding action from Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate these attacks and vandalism as acts of domestic terrorism.


In the meantime, much hangs in the balance as pro-life and pro-abortion Americans awaits the SCOTUS decision.


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